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Heather —  September 25, 2009

Nutrition 101: Choose Life! From Growing Healthy Homes, LLC


Colorful, 448 page text with lessons, recipes, tables, charts, etc

I knew this was for my kids when I saw this cover! Haven’t we ALL been there?

Summary and rating: 4.5: I really like this colorful 448 pg. family nutrition and health program. I have seen many nutrition programs that focus on healthy eating, portion sizes and exercising–but this curriculum delves even deeper to understanding exactly how our bodies interact with food, and why we should make certain food choices.

The text is perfect for my ninth grader, a little advanced for my younger one (but she joins in for the recipes). I think this would be good for middle to upper grade students, especially. I appreciate the format of the text, with lessons that culminate in a hands-on Power Recipe cooking activity. There are also fun activities, discussion questions, and a ton of useful appendices. (Sometimes even Mom isn’t positive which vitamin does what!)

N. already wants to be a chef. These lessons are vital for him!

N. already wants to be a chef and this textbook is perfect for him. Here, he is making one of the "power" recipes. Finishing each chapter with this type of activity makes learning a celebration!

Anyway, the curriculum is biblically based and the title “Choose Life” refers to making right choices for our bodies so that we can enjoy health. So far, I like this book and curriculum. I understand healthy eating, but still don’t always make the best choices. Working through this book will change our habits for the better over time—I have no doubt of this. When you truly understand something, I find it is easier to get it done!

So, here we go with truly understanding food. This is a real tool for me as a mom. Instead of just saying “No, that’s bad for you,” I can teach my children exactly why certain choices are better than others—and, I’m not the bad guy! Also, it gives me charts and lists for reference. I found myself reading through it and learning a lot.

The program has six overall units. These units cover the major body systems. In our home, at first, I was going to include this course as an elective and not spend too much time with it. However, after beginning, I realized that we were doing a lot of biology with our nutrition and enjoying it! So, we are using this four days a week, more as an additional science. Here are the units:

  • The Brain and Nervous System
  • Digestion and Elimination
  • Respiration and Olfactory
  • Muscular and Skeletal Systems
  • Cardiovascular and Immune Systems
  • Endocrine System and Emotions

Here is the coolest thing: my teenager also thinks it is great. Interesting. He likes the science of the study and that he gets to choose from the discussion questions, activities, and additional resources. He also loves to cook, so the recipe idea makes this study work for him. He learns, he gets to cook extra—Mom buys healthy food, no questions asked!

Guacamole was the hit during the Football game! (Yes, we should have used veges to dip. I let them do chips--but not next time:)

Guacamole was the hit during the Football game! (Yes, we should have used veges to dip. I let them do chips--but not next time:)

Cooking makes him so happy. This course should help him learn to understand food.

Cooking makes him so happy. (yes, he did play to the camera a little) This course should help him learn to understand ways to control and use food.

N. the teacher & Chef!!

By Chapter 2, N. is the teacher for "Recipe Day.

Take a look at the curriculum in process, here:

You can also get an overview by viewing over 25 sample pages, here. These sample pages include the index topics and an overview of how to use the book.

Overall, I recommend this program. Even if you are not homeschooling, but want to work on family health, you should take a look. Parts can be implemented little by little and the reference sections are great.

$79.95 CD-Rom
$99.95 book
$129.95 book and CD-Rom
Excellent.  I Love it!

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