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Heather —  December 30, 2009


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Summary & Rating: 4.5 This online math program is fantastic for my younger daughter. I am actually purchasing a subscription when my trial runs out…so you know I love it! This math program can be used as a complete or supplemental curriculum for students from K through 8th. My son was too advanced to try it out, so my 4  year old gave the program a test run. I was really surprised by how much she learned…and how well she did. I like that the program introduces math concepts and then allows the student to reinforce that learning in several different ways–whether playing games, or using printable worksheets or racing and answering questions in competition against other kids.

"Let me work, Mom"

"Just let me work, Mom"

In my mind, there are definitely two main sections to Mathletics:

  • The first would be the main curriculum. In this section you can find age appropriate math lessons, games, worksheets, and information for parents. In this section you would “set” the level for your child, and you can set up email reports to let you know how they are doing and to get other updates from Mathletics.
  • In the second section, your child can play in math competitions with kids from around the world. These competitions are short drills where the children race against time and each other.

clipMy child really enjoyed both sections–although because she is little, in the competitions, she went so slow she often lost. I have heard from other TOS Crew members that the older children have really enjoyed the competitions.

We ended up using the main section the most. As Em goes through the Kindergarden curriculum, she answers questions and as she completes levels correctly, she is able to earn points and certificates. There is then an area where she can spend her points, dressing and playing with an online character she has created. She quickly realized about how many points one needs to be able to buy stuff for her character!

If you are looking for a whole math curriculum or a fun addition to your math, I recommend going to the website and browsing through the “About Mathletics” area. I was pleased, as a parent, that they show clearly before you buy the main curriculum available by age.

Only one thing bummed me out about Mathletics– they do not have audio instructions to help pre-readers. Please add that, Mathletics!!

The individual Mathletics subscription is $59 per year (per child). Get $10 off that price by knowing the human calculator’s favorite number (9). Click here to see a post I did about the human calculator–he’s amazing!

NOTE: I did have some problems accessing worksheets and downloads in Firefox. When I switched over to IE, I had no issues…

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A 6 week subscription to Mathletics was provided to me for the purpose of my review. I received no compensation and I have expressed my unbiased opinion on this product.


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