Live It Up with Naturalizer and a Giveaway!

Heather —  September 29, 2011

Yes, I did put my feet on the coffee table. But,'s just to show y'all my boots!

I bought my first pair of really comfortable shoes about six and a half years ago.

That was the day after I fell down the stairs, at six months pregnant and broke my tailbone.

Ouch. I know. I was so worried about the baby! It was awful.

The day after, my husband pointed out that I needed some stable shoes, not just “pretty” shoes. I was worried “stable” meant ugly. But, I agreed and we went shopping.

Turns out, comfy and gorgeous shoes DID exist! Ever since, I really hate wearing any pinchy or unstable shoes. I know I can find beautiful and solidly made shoes.

Sometimes it is hard to find them. But not so much anymore. And it is so worth it to find some!

I have seen some nice Naturalizer shoes in stores, but had not yet tried them. I was curious about the brand as they felt soft and well padded. Then, recently, I got a chance to review the new Fall lineup from Naturalizer. They have some really nice styles and I chose a fantastic pair of boots, called The Arness.

Leather upper in a dress knee-high boot style with a round toe, Buckle detail at the ankle, Smooth lining, cushioning insole features N5 Comfort System

I feel hot in these things! They are very attractive, perfect for our area in Fall and Winter and oh, so comfortable. I think it is neat you can order online and see loads of pictures to choose from. Nice.

I actually wore these when we went on an impromptu hike this week. No Joke! They felt great. I wore them the whole day. That is unusual for me. I may just get some heels from Naturalizer next time!

Guess What? I get to give a reader a coupon for a pair of Naturalizer shoes!!

Read on and think about which kind you would choose!

“The Official Word:
Kick up your heels, and live it up! With Naturalizer shoes on your feet, there’s no need to choose between comfort and style.

  • Since 1927, Naturalizer has proven that wearing the latest footwear fashions can be comfortable, stylish and affordable all in one.
  • With rich leathers, soft suedes, and beautiful, trend right details, Naturalizer shoes provide the ultimate in style + comfort.
  • Exclusive to Naturalizer is N5 Comfort –five distinctive features that provide flexibility, lightness, balance, softness and breathability in every step—so Naturalizer shoes feel as good at the end of the day as they do at the beginning.
  • Available in a broad range of sizes and widths from sizes 4.5 to 12 with narrow, medium and wide widths in most styles. Naturalizer boots are also offered in Wide Shaft so women with fuller or athletic calves can find tall boots with a perfect fit.
  • Backed by research from “Style & Trend” experts, the Naturalizer line offers the influence of current fashion, blended with the enduring style women have come to expect from the brand.
  • Naturalizer offers a variety of styles including tall boots, loafers, wedges, pumps, platforms, flats, booties and oxfords. The fall collection from Naturalizer has something for everyone, with feminine details and styles inspired by a range of classic and contemporary trends.

Naturalizer delivers shoes that make you look good and feel good – always, so you can live your life and love your shoes.”

For more information, see:

Now for the giveaway! Click on More, below to enter via Rafflecopter.


My pair of Naturalizer shoes, information and gift card for giveaway were provided by Naturalizer and Brown Shoe Company, through MyBlogSpark.



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40 responses to Live It Up with Naturalizer and a Giveaway!

  1. Those are gorgeous boots!! We are getting ready to spend a week in the Ozark Mountains – these boots would be perfect for the shopping, church events and family activities we are planning!

  2. With having plantar facisitis, heel spurs and VERY high arches I’m always looking for shoes that can give me support and comfort while looking nice and not ‘old ladyish’. I’ve admired Naturalizer and remember my mom buying them but I’ve never had a pair.

    SeekingHim at gmail dot com

  3. At my new job, I’ll be on my feet a lot but I still need to look professional. I think one of their pairs of shoes would be great!


  4. awesome giveaway! I could use them for my 40th bday celebration in Nov:)

  5. When I was little, the only shoes my Mom could wear were Naturalizers. We have big feet, and I love that they have stylish shoes in big sizes. If I win, I would get shoes for a wedding we will be attending this fall.

  6. I seriously need shoes to wear outside of my house. The last time I bought a pair of fall/winter shoes was 11 years ago and last year they literally started falling apart! It would be super cool to win this giveaway!

  7. I don’t need an event to need good shoes. i am on my feet a lot just being a mom. lol

  8. I have feet that constantly hurt and I attend a lot of conventions, so I love hearing about stylish yet comfortable footwear. I’m attending a conference this weekend actually, wish I had comfy shoes now!

  9. We are visiting family soon and plan to do a lot of sight seeing! I need a comfy pair of shoes!

  10. I would love a pair of Naturalizers for my birthday – might help me feel young and sexy 😉 Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  11. I could use these when i go out for dinner with my husband

  12. What a great opportunity! The tough call, would I get them in my size or get them for my daughter . . .

    Thanks for hosting!

  13. Great looking boots! I would wear those when my husband and I go to sing karaoke and also I would probably wear them to church.

  14. I’d wear these to the FFA banquet

  15. rss is email sub I didn’t get it on form


  17. I would love to have a pair of Naturalizer to take my kids out for Halloween. My feet are killing me by the end of the night.

  18. I’d love to try this brand. I’m all about comfort!

  19. I’d love to get a pair of boots that I could wear with everything this winter — my old ones are showing a lot of wear.

  20. I am going to the Chamber of Commerce Dinner with George W. Bush and of course, I want to look nice (not that I’m talking to him or anything, but still…).

  21. I would love to wear these boots to our Fall Festival in our local hometown in TN!

  22. id like to wear them to the farmers market!

  23. Id appreciate the comfort of wearing them everyday! I broke my foot on Labor Day and Ive had a lot of problems since then. I was told to get better shoes, these might be perfect :0)

  24. I have a fund raising event coming up and new comfortable shoes sure would help with me being on my feet all day.


  25. I need comfortable shoes for BLACK FRIDAY shopping! lol My feet usual are ready to fall off after a couple of hours & I need some that will hamg in with me til the sun goes down!

    mnrquick at yahoo dot com

  26. Love love love these boots! I would wear them to all my Holiday parties on my list this season!

  27. At an upcoming wedding we are attending.

  28. would love to wear comfortable shoes and also look stylish while cooking thanksgiving dinner!

  29. i would love a new pair of shoes for my b-day party

  30. I would love to wear these beautiful boots on my birthday!

  31. I would just like some comfy shoes to wear to church.

  32. I would love to wear these at all of our upcoming school and volunteer functions. I’d like to look stylish in front of the other moms. 🙂

  33. With all the holidays coming up, a good comfortable pair of shoes are much needed!

  34. I will be working at the election in November, and it would be so great to have a really good pair of shoes to wear while I’m on my feet all day!

  35. I would love to have a pair of comfortable boots for church.

  36. i am planning a trip to NY and will be doing a lot of walking, would be great to have some new comfortable shoes

  37. I would appreciate the style and comfort for my upcoming Birthday party later this month or for My anniversary in a couple of months.

  38. I’d like to have some comfy yet stylish shoes for upcoming holiday parties!

  39. I’d love some stylish boots to wear to dinner parties and get-togethers!