Kinderbach Online Piano Lessons Review

Heather —  February 7, 2010

Kinderbach Music Lessons

Summary & Rating: 4.5 What an ingenious way to teach piano! We have been using this online music curriculum since early December to teach my 4 year old about music, and the piano. As I was totally clueless about playing piano, I expected this review to be difficult for me–instead, it turned out to be a really fun thing we could do together.

We began our study using a little keyboard I got for under $20. It was actually a perfect size for a young child.

We began our study using a little keyboard I got for under $20. It was a perfect size for a young child.

Using Kinderbach really opened my eyes to what a difference the internet can make in our lives. Here I was, sitting in my family room watching my daughter learn piano!

I really wanted to use all the printable pdf lessons, so in order to make this work for us, we needed to do a few things.

First, I purchased a little keyboard so we could practice along (a keyboard or piano is necessary ).

Then, I went through some of the information online. We were able to look at two weeks’ worth of lessons totally free. You can too—click to see their two week trial. Each Kinderbach lesson basically includes a video session, with worksheets to color and cut and some type of music practice—whether that is tapping to a beat or playing on the piano. To really enjoy each lesson, I found it helped for me to preview the lessons and print out any sheets we would use in that lesson, so it was streamlined.

As we use a laptop, In the early stages of our lessons, I set up our “piano time” at our large kitchen table, with the keyboard facing Em and the laptop directly behind the keyboard (See photo A).

See a video about how Kinderbach works on their site.

We "graduated from the little Keyboard to the big piano at Christmas, when Grams & Gramps gave us a PIano!!

We graduated from the little keyboard to the big piano at Christmas, when Grams & Gramps gave us a Piano for Christmas!!

Once we were all set up, I was able to sit and play along. The lessons are broken down so that each day you can do a little bit of playing and a little coloring and singing along.

The lessons are designed by Kari Gregor who uses a cast of characters to deliver many of her lessons–small children will love Dodie and Frisco—my child certainly did. You can also move at your own pace. We actually went pretty quickly, sometimes doing a weeks’ worth of lessons in a day. (I do not know if that is recommended, but it worked for us some days when Em was really into it)

We learned about reading notes, about rhythm and levels of sounds…and this was just in the beginning trial.

At Christmas, we got a big surprise from my Mother and Father in law and received a really nice full size keyboard!  (See photo B) At that point, I moved Em over to that and she did pretty well adjusting to her new location. This did make it more difficult to incorporate the worksheets (not having the desk right there) but, I began doing the worksheets nearby and then getting on the keyboard. Em was progressing nicely as far as learning notes and some simple piano playing! (Pretty good for a four year old!)

Kinderbach is available for home lessons or school lessons. They recommend beginning your child at ages 3-7.

For a total of 60 weeks of lessons, the cost is $95.88 for the year–making it VERY reasonable. If you purchase monthly, the cost is 19.99 per month. You can also buy the DVD/CD packages (starting at $40.45).

At first this seemed pretty expensive–but compared to purchasing lessons it is not. I also love the $95 price–and I would plan to set this up at the beginning of the year if I was planning ahead. I wish the monthly one was a bit less–I could do like $12.99 a month-but 19.99 is out of my budget.

I am really sorry our trial with Kinderbach is over! We really enjoyed it and it is a wonderful alternative to trekking to regular lessons.  I truly am amazed at the amount of information covered and the colorful and interesting video presentations. Go try Kinderbach. I really think you will enjoy it!

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A trial subscription to Kinderbach was provided to me for the purpose of my review. I have expressed my unbiased opinion on this product.


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  1. I love your comment about the difference the internet can make in our lives. How very, very true. We were very sad to have our trial end here.
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..Keeping up with the Joneses =-.

  2. Good review ! Loved the pics 🙂