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Heather —  April 6, 2011


To me, Kinderbach is actually more than piano lessons. In fact, in my teacher plans I label it Music Appreciation, because of the way it is taught. Most lessons have a little bit of playing and coloring and singing along so that your child has a gentle introduction to many music concepts. Here is a little clip:

Each Kinderbach lesson basically includes a video session, with singing and stories, worksheets to color and cut and some type of music practice—whether that is tapping to a beat or playing on the piano. In just the beginning, my daughter learned about reading notes, about rhythm and levels of sounds…and little by little she learned where and what all the keys were on the piano. Additional music pages help kids feel successful in playing simple songs pretty quickly.

See a video about how Kinderbach works on their site.

The video sessions are led by Kari Gregor, creator of the program, who uses a cast of characters to help deliver many of her lessons–small children will love Dodie and Frisco—my child certainly did. The fun videos do all the teaching for you, which I appreciate—I am no piano master!

Online lesson format view

Online lesson format view

You can use the online or DVD versions and move at your own pace. We actually went pretty quickly, sometimes doing a weeks’ worth of lessons in a day as Emma wanted to go forward.

To begin, we were able to look at two weeks’ worth of lessons totally free. You can too—click to see their two week trial. To really enjoy each lesson, for us I found it helped to preview the lessons and print out any sheets we would use in that lesson, so it was streamlined, although an older child could easily work alone.

Originally, before we had a piano, I purchased a little $20 keyboard at Target so we could practice along (a keyboard or piano is necessary). Later, through a gift from grandparents, we were able to move up to a piano.

IMG_0261When we used the little keyboard, I set it up with the computer. This worked nicely at first. When we moved to the big piano, I positioned a little table with laptop in front of her again. My daughter loves this. (I heard some people were able to use the Wii so they stream the lessons onto the television—this would be great!) I am still trying to get my techie son to hook my laptop up to the tv so we can watch in this manner.

Kinderbach is available for home lessons or school lessons. They recommend beginning your child at ages 3-7. Prices: An annual payment is $95.88—this comes out to a very reasonable $7.99 a month for over 240 lessons. If you purchase monthly, the cost is 19.99 per month. You can also buy the DVD/CD packages starting at $40.45.

Overall, we think our music appreciation class is wonderful alternative to trekking to regular lessons!

See the Kinderbach website to find out more, and  find them on facebook.

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I received a 3 month trial of Kinderbach online through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.


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