Just What IS Me Time?

Heather —  September 13, 2010
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This weeks Blog Cruise asks an interesting question:

How do you find free time? Is it okay to take time for yourself? If so, how?

Now, many people will answer this question straight up. They will probably talk about carving out early morning times, exercise times…book groups…but when I first heard the question, I thought about that Me Time Myth ebook I read last year.

I couldn’t get that out of my mind. So bear with me while I get it out of my system?

When I hear this question, I personally think I am in a time in my life where it really is not useful to have “me” time. Somehow, I always pay for it.

I can just hear everyone now, saying, well, Me Time is healthy! You should get some. But, let me explain. I have 5 kids now…and most are teens. Honestly, life is just moving very quickly around here–and often, I miss something special if I am busy being just me in my me time…

I like to think that I have found ways to incorporate my activities and my rests into our lives. As I don’t have any toddlers running around, for example, I can sit and have a cup of coffee and read a bit. I can plan a little trip (although as my 5 year old has epilepsy, we haven’t felt comfortable leaving her alone this past year–so we have to pack her as well) but still, I have a lot of freedom…compared to women with little ones, I am in a restful period in my life.

And deep down, I do feel like the kids are growing up so quickly now. I have already had one go off to college.

After he left, I was in shock. Somehow I always thought there would be time for more things. I was always telling him– that —“I was busy and we’d talk about that later….”

Oh, you guessed it. I cried when he packed. And cried when we saw the dorm. And cried when I kept listening for his car at night.

And, while I think having a special hobby or work that you enjoy is fantastic, I also think that our culture has skewed our concepts of what actually refreshes us. Talking to my oldest always refreshes me.

I think that we can slow down and incorporate what is important to us as people into our lives as wives and moms.

I do not feel that the two are mutually exclusive. Last year, I read an ebook called, WeE-book™- The “Me Time” Myth. That little ebook really struck a chord with me. You can download it for $1.95 from TOS (no, I’m not reviewing/selling it) I just wanted to share the link if anyone is interested. You can even just read the summary to get some sweet thoughts!

Anyway, my point is that I think Moms need to take a period of their lives to be “hands-on” moms.

When you are doing that, and truly believing that you are doing an amazing, essential thing, you will be refreshed in the middle of being with your family.

So, while I may enjoy a pedicure…or a book…this is one Mom who you won’t hear complaining about being with her kids.

Now, you may hear me complaining about a behavior one of my kids has that I want to get away from!

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10 responses to Just What IS Me Time?

  1. Okay, Heather, so I don’t disagree with you, LOL!

    I think one thing is that you have worked in some caveats– you don’t have toddlers (I guess I don’t either!), kids are older, you can have a cup of coffee and read without interruption sometimes.

    I still can’t. My 13 and 11 year old try to keep the younger ones out of my hair, but they don’t always succeed. And I think my biggest problem is I have way too many people in this house whose ‘love language’ is touch… and I get quickly completely burned out on touch. Very quickly.
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..The Bible in 90 Days Challenge – week 11 =-.

    • Haha:) I HEAR you. I remember that! It is funny–I consider myself an introvert, mainly–but over time, I have changed to some extent. Once everyone stopped hanging on me….I found myself wanting to hug them more often. A breather is a good thing:)

  2. I really like your post! Everything has to be in balance, and to be honest, I think most of us DO want that quality ‘hands on’ time with our children.
    Thank you for the reminder! ☺
    .-= alecat´s last blog ..Time to fill your own tank =-.

  3. I was like you. I loved it all and I relished my time with the kids. It goes too darn fast!!!!
    .-= blueviolet´s last blog ..Stop Fighting Over the Outlets with a Powermat Wireless Charger! Review and Giveaway =-.

  4. I think you made a really important point that it is much easier to work in downtime/freetime/time without somebody touching you when you no longer have little ones in the house. I also think it is important to focus on how we define “me time.” In my list, I included folding laundry as me time because I usually relax and watch a movie or tv show while I fold. Sometimes one of my kids watches with me. “Me time” doesn’t have to be defined as only those things done completely on one’s own.

    .-= Samantha´s last blog ..Finding Time For Myself =-.

  5. Great post! I’m in agreement with you. Time slips by waaay too fast. I have 3 gone from home now, and oh how tough that was seeing them leave. Like you, I always thought there’d be more “time”. Everyone’s definition of me time is quite different, but mine fall into some of the same categories as yours.

    God’s Blessings
    .-= Vickie´s last blog ..Me time =-.

  6. Great post!

    And I agree. The “Me Time” Myth is a great E-book to remind us mothers of our calling. I know from personal experience that when my eyes are always on ME, ME, ME, that they are off of Him.


  7. Very well written post! I have found that my best “me time” is actually family time. When our family is able to do something together (whatever that may be), I end up feeling the most relaxed and refreshed.
    .-= Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads´s last blog ..Bryce Canyon- Sunset Point =-.

  8. Yes, Heather, you are so right! Thank you for this insightful post and for reminding me to cherish the time with my children.

    I’m reevaluating the time I spend blogging because it gets my attention off my family, even though I do it for my family as well. It’s a difficult thing to find balance.

    Blessings, and enjoy Disney!

    Annie Kate

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