Head and Heart Knowledge. Positive Action for Christ Review

Heather —  January 14, 2011

Oh, I love this kid! He just has such a happy personality and so often, he just lights up from the inside. He has a heart for understanding God’s Word. One thing I felt he needed was more factual knowledge about Christianity, the Bible, about Jesus…in short, more “head” knowledge.

A lot of people talk about their children needing more “heart” knowledge—and I agree that we can never stop seeking to have more of Jesus in our hearts…should never stop resting in him with our whole selves.

But, as a mom, I have had a strong conviction this year, that my child needs to work on working. Researching…learning to explore ideas and disciplines more thoroughly and at a higher level than he has before.

So, it was interesting that I was assigned to review a Bible curriculum from Positive Action for Christ, whose mission statement proclaims:

“Positive Action seeks to supply Bible study materials that teach the heart as well as the head…they strive to equip teachers to magnify the glory of God”

The heart AND the head.

God is always on time.

Anyway, the study we got seems quite scholarly to me! It is the high school curriculum The Life of Christ, From the Gospel of John. This is a in-depth study of the Gospel of John—it includes 35 very structured lessons.

Now, if you are familiar with the Gospel of John, you will realize that this is one of the most beautiful books of the Bible. John proclaims the deity of Christ without reservation and with such personal detail.

This study is designed to show Christ as a living reality—not just a historical fact. So the two portions of this study work well together for me. First, basing the study of the Gospel of John cannot help but lead to more “heart” knowledge, I believe, and secondly, the actual coursework is appropriate to push my highschooler a bit to earn some more “head” knowledge. And, this course is appropriate for highschool credits.

I liked the set-up of the materials. There is a nice binder full of teacher lessons, Quizzes and Tests. There are maps and illustrations and a CD with slides for use with teaching. The teaching plans are very thorough. You are going through John and studying Christ, his times and geography, just to mention a few things. I am finding that I really need to give myself time to study the lessons and plans before sitting down with Nick and doing the teacher lesson—I had assumed I could just pick up the book and work from it—kind of just filling in pieces that Nick hadn’t gotten, working through his manual–but the lessons do not just mesh up with what the student has in his book. They are more detailed and elaborate. So, no just filling in the blanks for my teaching! I have to study a bit also.

Nick’s manual is a nice softcover, with full color that he can easily cart around. I love it that he can just fill in the answers in the book and have this to keep. He seems to like the book and did well on several quizzes. He laughed and said he likes not having to print out anything to get his work done.

I could go on and on about what is included in the study—but you can see that on the Positive Action for Christ website. The Teacher’s Manual runs $41.95 and the student (deluxe) manual is $17.95. If you can, I highly recommend purchasing the hardcopy  pieces of the study we received—it is so nice to have all the items printed and setup for me and letting Nick use the workbook with all the color and maps and photos is a nice change from printing out “just what we need.” There are varying costs if you choose deluxe edition or downloads, etc.

Download sample pages from the student and teacher manuals.

Take a look at their Catalogs and several Free Resources they offer

Positive Action, has a long history of producing youth curriculum for Churches, Bible curriculum for Christian Schools and Curriculum for Homeschool and Personal use.

See what my crewmates have to say about Positive Action For Christ

I received materials from Positive Action for Christ through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.


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  1. Great review! The reviews are making this look like something that I am wanting.

    And btw… he’s a lefty?? My ds is a lefty too (poor kid, he’s the only one lol).
    .-= Blossom´s last blog ..Weekly Wrap-Up01-14-2011 =-.