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Heather —  October 7, 2009

Summary and Rating:4. This interesting online publishing site, Guardian Angel Press, offers overs many children’s books in various formats. We are definitely in the digital age. You can purchase books as a PDF e-book download, e-book on CD, print paperback books, or DVD-CD, and some are even available as iKids Play™ Apps for iPods and iPhones. Wow…Talk about options!

I actually received 5 of their e-books to review, which gave us a nice selection of titles. (See below) I have always been the type of person who likes to “hold” books and papers in my hands…but I am slowly outgrowing that, I believe:) This time, I was out of color ink, so my dd and I read the e-books on my laptop and we really enjoyed them. I will still print them out, but it is fun to have them in this format. I also think it is a fabulous idea to have iPod & iPhone apps. with good stories. Love it!

Our first e-book is Maybe we are Flamingos. This is a very cute young children’s book about some baby flamingos experiencing life and growing up: “Flora and Fernando are the wrong color for flamingos. They wonder what they could be until they discover becoming pink can take a year, and staying pink is due to their diet. At last relieved, they draw funny  pictures of how they might look if they ate broccoli or blueberries.” Peek at the trailer, below:

We also received, The Sum of our Parts. Well, that was different from the first book! This e-book is a funny, rhyming science lesson about …bones. I thought the pictures were a bit intense (it is about bones:) But, my daughter loves it and I believe she has learned the names of about ten of her bones in a few days. Pretty good for a four year old:) Another fun and educational book we looked at: Earthquakes! This e-book is like a fun little unit study. Learn about what causes earthquakes, how they are measured…lots of little facts and some experiments.

Next, Rainbow Sheep, by Kim Chatel, is the winner of the 2009 Children’s Fiction Eppie Award. This tale is about an imaginative shepherdess and is beautifully illustrated in a special way…a real treat! At first, I thought the photos were odd…but after taking a real look, I learned a bit about felting and thought it was colorful. (The book includes some felting activities) Hear an excerpt from Rainbow Sheep, here!

In Go to The Fair, Andy overcomes obstacles he faces with his horse Spirit. This book is one of a series that you can see here. The book also includes extra pages about 4H and wild horse management.

Most e-books are $5. The other options vary in price. Go ahead and check out their website, here. I like that they offer a Freebie page, with some e-books, coloring and activity pages. See those, here.

I do have one con–it is that I find their website to be cluttered and I had trouble searching for items. I do think it is worth poking around, though–you can find some sweet kids books and many links to clips and other items like the authors websites.

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