Grapevine Studies Bible Curriculum by Dianna Wiebe

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Grapevine Studies Bible Curriculum by Dianna Wiebe.


Summary and Rating: High 5. The Grapevine Studies Bible Curriculum is awesome. Today, I will discuss just one, but many study options are available, with curriculum appropriate for ages five to adult.

Lessons We Are Doing!

Lessons We Are Doing!

For our study and review, I chose the New Testament study at a level 4. The level four means “older teen” although ironically our four year old is following along with her siblings and enjoying it.

The study covers the entire New Testament, from the Birth of John through the Revelation. The study is chronological and we began with a timeline overview of the New Testament. Basically, the study encourages drawing stick figures as a visual aid for the study. While this may sound a bit odd at first, in reality, the idea is spectacular! Using the stick figures in the daily work seems fun, artsy and laid back…yet the overall study is very linear and structured.

I must say is that the use of art in the lessons really helps my kids move into a right brain, active learning place. A few minutes after completing our first lesson with the kids, my husband and I began to discuss how the lesson had gone. As we compared notes and agreed that the study was good for our family, we realized in unison that one reason the lesson had been so successful was that our “interrupter” did not interrupt–he was too busy having fun drawing his notes! Amen to that!

And, while we all know it can be helpful to draw as a visual aid…I cannot draw at all. So, this is perfect. No one expects a “perfect” stick figure guy. So, instead of worrying about it, we are getting out our whiteboard and a bunch of colored dry erase markers and going to town! The author really thought of everything, for she even gives instructions on what colors to use to draw different stick figures so that you begin to automatically remember groups and themes in the study and the Bible. An example of this would be that Purple is reserved for references to God.

The study can be divided up in several ways, and the author gives some ideas to help with that. In the back of the book there are weekly and daily schedule options. I like doing a bit of the study every day. The kids actually ask for it. Each lesson basically includes teaching and drawing lesson pages, about eight questions to answer, and a quest page with lessons on using Bible study tools, such as a Bible Concordance, Topical Bible, and Bible Dictionary.

Review for the study is incorporated in several ways. There is a daily bit of review with the timeline, lesson reviews and section reviews…all the way up to a final review. Oh yeah…these lessons are serious. But fun…how cool is that? By the end of the year, my children and I will have completed the most in-depth New Testament Bible study I have come across…and I truly believe it will be a blast. Thank you, Dianna.

Please do take the time to visit the website and take a look at the samples. They have so many great options for all ages. The prices vary depending on type of study and whether you are interested in book or ebook options. I do not often feel so strongly about a product, but I love this stuff! I have signed up for the Grapevine Studies email newsletter as well. I really like their colorful, upbeat email that usually includes a free ebook lesson of the week. This would also be great for a Sunday School class. Go check it all out here.

Also, Grapevine Studies is offering a special discount for the TOS Crew. Use code: crews for 30% off! This code will expire September 15th.

You can also visit the TOS Crew here, to see what other members think about Grapevine Studies.

Excellent. I LOVE it.

Excellent. I LOVE it.

Note: You will need some supplies, such as:  Bible, Grapevine Studies student book, Bible Concordance, Topical Bible, Bible Dictionary, and colored pencils, Grapevine Studies Teacher book, dry erase board & markers (8 colors).


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