From The Mouths of Babes, by Kimberly Williams

Heather —  July 21, 2011


I was blessed recently with the chance to review a new book by a blogger friend of mine…from the Mouths of Babes, Stories about Life, Children, Faith, and This World We Live In.

My expectations were high, because I have often read her blog posts and know that she is not frivolous, but rather a serious and thoughtful writer, and disciple of Christ.

Based on my interactions with the author, I believe her to be a person of integrity, a person who makes her relationship with God, her husband and her family a priority in today’s ever changing world.

In this book, Kimberly offers a friends advice…but not just any old advice.

During the time I was reading through from the Mouth of Babes, I heard a sermon by Alistair Beggs. He was speaking on Philippians 2: 19, and he said:

“You will never have a better friend than a friend who points you to Christ, by their life, by their commitment, by their service, by their example.”

In every interaction I have had with Kimberly, she has been that friend.

Being the friend who points to Christ can be a very sweet thing, but it is sometimes difficult and is not always popular. So, I appreciate that Kimberly writes with candor about many aspects of life and culture.


Now, while the book is a compilation of short stories–and you can certainly just put your feet up and enjoy it that way–I have decided to use it as a devotional. With 170 pages of insights on the career of motherhood, living as a Christian and meditations on scriptures, I find reading this as a devotional is a pleasant way to start my morning devotions.

I especially enjoy reading about how Kimberly’s family goes through their days and holidays. It is always fun to me to take a “peek” into the lives of others.

Overall, while reading the book, I feel supported in my role as wife and mother while also challenged to examine my choices and my walk with Christ.

You can purchase from The Mouths of Babes on Amazon or on Kimberly’s website, Until The Day Dawn.

I received a complimentary copy of from The Mouths of Babes, for this review.


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