Fighting Hunger. One Pack at a Time! #CBias, #AbbottCFK

Heather —  January 6, 2012

A few days ago in my local Giant Eagle, I watched a couple with a small child carefully checking coupons and doing the math for a very scant meal in their cart. I was ashamed of my full cart as their child stared at my cart, and my child holding candy. I knew just from the expressions on their faces that they were hungry.

In another aisle I saw a tired looking older woman, with a teenager, again with very few, cheap (unhealthy, I’d add) items and a look of despair. This is a hard time.

I came home to an email in my box about the Champions for Kids Simple Service Project for January, The Abbott Nutrition Pack a Snack.

Talk about appropriate for right now! This project has me researching ways to really help fight hunger in my own community.

From Champions for Kids, I had already heard that more than 16 million children under age 18 are unable to eat healthy, consistent meals. That number includes 3 million children under the age of five.

I went to google some statistics in my area. I see from our local Food Bank that

“Over 1 in 10 in the region—can’t take their next meal for granted. And 4 in 10 of these are children.  Those who receive food include the most vulnerable in our communities – children, the elderly, struggling families, the working poor, people with disabilities and the homeless.  They are hungry because they’ve run out of good options. So they cut back, miss meals, and make the food they have last as long as possible.”

And, these who are hungry are from all walks of life. Quiet children in classrooms are turning to teachers for food, a co-worker who rarely eats lunch is a father who must choose between food or paying bills.

So there is all that.

On top of all this, you all know I am a whole food and organic foods proponent. There is no doubt in my mind that people in need are rarely able to procure healthy foods.

And, while children are developing, healthy foods are so important! Their little systems need nutrition to help them learn and grow, even to fight infections.

Abbott, a sponsor for the January Champions for Kids Simple Service Project, has some nutritional products that could benefit these children, including Pediasure, Pediasure, SideKicks and Zone Perfect bars. People around the nation will be creating snack packs and donating them to children and appropriate agencies everywhere!

For example, you can create a little snack pack and drop it off at a food bank or pregnancy shelter. Start a drive at your work by simply placing a box in a corner of the break room and delivering it to a local Boys and Girls Club.

I really like these Simple Service Projects, because, frankly, they are not intimidating. You can do a small thing that makes a huge difference without taking away from your own family and responsibilities.

Want to help? You can easily do a Simple Service Project in your town! Click here to see the Champions For Kids Simple Service Project page here.

My daughter has volunteered with our local Boys and Girls Club in the past. She was upset by some of the hunger issues she saw with the children. So, I was excited when she wanted to help!

So…our plan is to shop Walmart and create some Abbott Nutrition Snack Packs for the children in K and 1st. Then, we will get some cute little white bags and healthy food stickers and create a coloring sheet with healthy food options, so the kids can have a healthy snack while designing their bags and learning. We will bring these to the club and deliver them to the Director, Mrs. R.

I can’t wait to post pictures and such about how this goes. And, please let me know if you sign up and do a Simple Service Project!  Just go to for more information. You can also find them on The Champions For Kids Facebook wall and on their Twitter Page.

Join in a Abbott/Champions for Kids Twitter party, January 19th at 9:00 pm EST.

“ This shop will be compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  I have given my honest opinion and I am pleased to be affliated with Champions For Kids!  #CBias  #AbbottCFK


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8 responses to Fighting Hunger. One Pack at a Time! #CBias, #AbbottCFK

  1. Great post and campaign, this is such a heart wrenching thing to read and I am so honored to get to read all these great posts!

  2. WOW Heather! What an awesome project! Can’t wait to see the follow up! The statistics are staggering. My community suffers greatly and the children who suffer from this economy are the true victims!

  3. Great ideas! I love the idea of dropping them off at the Boys and Girls Club or shelters. We’re volunteering at a local pregnancy center and I never thought about delivering mine there! Thanks for the idea!

  4. I love the designing the back idea. I might have to “borrow” it.

  5. It really is sad that the healthier food options are often so much more expensive. I had to scour the shelves high and low for healthy options when doing my snack pack shop.

  6. Brittany @ZonePerfect January 12, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks for spreading the word! ~Brittany @ZonePerfect

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