Exploracise GyMathtics Review

Heather —  November 19, 2009

Exploracise GyMathtics


Summary & Rating: 5 My little one adores this –game– or, in adult speak, “Interactive Math & Exercise Experience”! If you are looking for really “multisensory” learning for your kids, this might be it:) This is basically a fun exercise routine for children that incorporates Math and healthy lifestyle learning. I will talk more about it below, but check out the video to really SEE how it works:

This is a 30 minute routine. The math facts include all kinds of things–about shapes, types of numbers, and patterns. The math facts target the 2nd to 5th grade levels, but my five year old is loving the whole routine and  I figure it cannot hurt her to be learning about angles and prime numbers! My daughter and I agree that the best part is the:

“Well-Being Wind Down: Relaxing stretches cool down the body and open the mind to think about healthy lifestyle choices including the Nice Wave Stretch and Big Dream Stretch.”

Now here is OUR video about Gymathtics, courtesy of my daughter who likes the DVD:)

They even carry a colorful yoga mat that is covered with Math facts that kids can use while they are exercising…or resting. I know one little girl that would think those are really great:

exploraciseclipThe math facts on the mat are appropriate for ages 5-14, and include simple stuff like a number line, five foot ruler, multiplication table, and place value, to more advanced concepts like exponents and roots, common equivalents for parts of a whole, plane geometry including lines, angles, polygons, circles and solid figure geometry with formulas for volume, surface area, and lateral area.

OH–and these seem great for carrying around in pockets to play:


These are 6″ balls (they look kind of like hacky sacks to me) They have a multiplication one, a geometry one and a 3D geometry one. And, I suppose the company will have more over time. This seems like a fantastic idea to me. We could use them to play games so easily…and I know my kids…when they are bored, they will mess with them and actually learn.

Overall, when I got this DVD and looked over the Exploracise site, I just kept thinking, what a great idea, how come no one has done it before??  It looks like the creators have won quite a few toy awards already, and I would expect to see these just get more and more popular. Very cool.

The DVD is available for purchase directly through the Exploramania site for $24.99 ,  which includes free shipping.

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The GyMathtics DVD was provided to me for the purpose of my review. I received no compensation and I have expressed my unbiased opinion on this product.


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