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Educational Diagnostic Prescription Services: EDUDPS

Homeschool Curriculum & Guidance

Homeschool Curriculum & Guidance

Rating and Summary: 3.5 EDUDPS offers a wide variety of curriculum and learning services for Homeschoolers. The author of their curriculum, Jill Dixon, M.ED, is a homeschooling mom herself, with a B.A. in English and Masters in Special Ed. She has more than 25 years of teaching experience. In addition to running Educational and Diagnostic Services, Dixon is currently a national consultant for Home School Legal Defense Association. We received two of her publications for review; Write With the Best Volume 1 and The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers. I found both curricula to be useful and reasonably priced.

I was especially interested to review these products as the author has also directed a program for learning disabled and ADHD children and adolescents. Within her curricula, she offers some alternatives for lesson plans based on these needs.

We have been working with these for a little over a month now. The Write with the Best Volume 1 is a writing program that focuses on teaching descriptive writing skills. See a full description here. Some highlights I note include:

  • The program is designed for 3-12 grade levels
  • There are nine units, each covers a writing genre
  • Curriculum is broken down into daily lessons of 15-45 minutes each
  • The curriculum can be completed in a semester
  • The curriculum includes all the literary passages you will need for lessons—no buying additional books!
  • Lessons are varied and not repetitive

Overall, this curriculum seems good. Unfortunately, N. is very lukewarm about it. I suspect it may be below his level or it is too “bare bones” with no illustrations. I intend to continue for a little while longer and see if I can get him “into” it, because I do think the concept is good. I will let y’all know what happens…

You can download a sample of Write with the Best Volume 1 here.

This resource is available in several formats:

  • E-book format for only $14.95 On Sale (regular price is $19.95)
  • Pages Only, 3-hole punched, no binder $22.45
  • 3-Ring Binder for $24.95.

We have had more success in our household with the next item: The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers. With N. in ninth grade, I have been looking at many high school, college, and career books and tools. I was excited to get this tool to review, mainly because N. is the one is charge of his learning and his plans through/while using this—he is learning to take control of HIS future. He is learning a lot about himself. And, it helps a ton that he just plain likes working through this.

Shoot, who doesn’t want to learn about themselves? The book begins with a number of assessment tests. These are just plain fun…but secretly, also important! See here for the write up and more information about this book/curriculum.

Some of the highlights for this program:

  • Easy to understand assessments on work and service preference and gifts, personality types, primary learning styles, and work environment preference.
  • Includes tons of majors, high school requirements, occupations and forms for planning
  • Your child can work through this in a semester for credit and self-knowledge
  • The book includes topics NOT covered in more secular courses, such as discussions about being home to be a husband and father
  • Includes ideas for volunteer and service work/internships

See here for a sample download of The Complete Career, College, and High School Guide for Homeschoolers.

This resource is available:

  • E-book format $26.20 On Sale (regular price is $34.95)
  • $39.95 (softcover)

It is worth noting that while the company worked it out, many people had problems with the system File Pro Server, which EDUDPS uses for their e-books. Suffice it to say: if you have little patience for computer issues, I recommend you purchase hard copy of this curriculum. Here is a note from EDUDPS regarding this, here.

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  1. Good review Heather!

    In my review I also noted that people should purchase an eProduct from this company at their own risk, and for the record, they have not resolved the problem, they are simply sending me a hard copy.