Deeper Roots…in spite of myself!

Heather —  September 17, 2011
Easy to follow lessons with solid content

Easy to follow lessons with solid content

“But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” ~Psalm 33:11.

This year, I had a Religion course all ready for my Junior. I really liked this particular study, an in-depth, scholarly study. It was sitting on the shelf and everything!

This study was not in the plan for my son this year. I still like this study, and I am working through it, myself.

For my junior, there was another one.

I knew it was for him the minute I saw the title; Discovering Christ-like Habits. My son has a heart of gold. Still, if I send a son out into the world without good habits, without right choices and self-discipline…I am in danger of having raised a fool.

I want my son’s generous and kind nature to be supported by his strength of character and self-control.

So, as I have few years left to study with my son, I was thrilled when I realized that the curriculum I could choose to review covered exactly the type of things I felt were important for a young man to cover to build his character and faith.

The curriculum fell into my lap.  And the question asked of the teacher for this study asks,

“Want to move your student(s) from Biblical knowledge to spiritual application?”

Um, yes, please!

I got the third book in the series, the teacher’s book and a student workbook. They are spiral bound and very sturdy, with the teacher’s guide at $28.95 and student workbook for $19.95. There are over 250 pages in each book! This particular book, 3, works with the student on developing patterns for life.

Patterns such as daily prayer, worship, Bible study. And they do that by strengthening the student’s relationship with Jesus and practicing habits such as journaling, lessons and hands-on activities to keep things interesting. And every lesson is wonderfully set up for the teacher! No scrambling to understand what is required; this study is clear, even easy, yet full of good, solid teaching.

I have not spent enough time teaching my children about Missions--this book will help

I have not spent enough time teaching my children about Missions--this book will help

The line illustrations are silly and appeal to students and teachers who take themselves too seriously, while beautiful artwork, and a story to introduce students (and teachers) to an unreached people group is included before each unit to help remind us of the world beyond our borders. This section reminds us to pray for those people.

lessons are so well laid out!

lessons are so well laid out!


There are 6 units, each with plans for 10 to 21 days of lessons. You could split this up however you want to teach them–every day, or 2 or 3x a week. It is easy to put down and pick right up again.

Each unit includes memory verses, lessons, journaling, an unreached people section, review work and full tests, also full bible verses. Kids can write right in their workbooks as there are spaces and journaling pages.

You will need some additional supplies to do some of the hands-on activities, but that is always clearly noted ahead of time. Dvd’s, Plays, field trips, all are included in this study, written by an educator who obviously likes kids!

Now, while I began with Book 3, you can begin this series of studies with Book 1. As Nick is older, I went for the older student’s book, which felt appropriate. But, the study is designed to build upon itself, so if you can, start at the beginning! The age ranges are estimates, and the study we have is not difficult.

  • Discovering Our Amazing God Book 1  (Best for 7th Grade)
  • Discovering Who I Am in Christ Book 2  (Best for 8th Grade)
  • Discovering Christ-Like Habits Book 3  (Best for 9th Grade)
  • Discovering a Christ-Like Character Book 4  (Best for 10th Grade)

My instinct tells me that this is the perfect study to be doing right now. I am glad it is not boring and that it is easy to teach. I needed a break from figuring out what I was doing!

Do take a look through their website for tons of good resources. Honestly, I think their website is a bit hard to navigate, but it has fantastic stuff. Take your time!

See what my crewmates have to say about Deeper Roots.


I received the Discovering Christ-like Habits Curriculum through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.


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  1. “From Biblical knowledge to spiritual application” sounds like a great step.

  2. Oh, Heather… I was hoping to read a good review of this book! We did the first one, and I am hoping to move through the rest. Especially now that I read your review…