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Summer Fun!

Heather —  June 22, 2009

I just got a note that someone over at Parenting Pink liked my siesta idea for the summer:) Thank you! Having a rest during the day has made my life easier…therefore the children are happier, too!
We have been having a good summer. We enjoyed a Lowe’s “Build & Grow” Clinic recently. My little one built a Daddy’s Day present with her Dad:) I recommend this fun, free activity–check here or with your local Lowe’s for more info. I think they have a “Build a Pirate Ship” coming up–You do need to pre-register, but you can do it online. (I think the experience probably does vary by store, but if you’re out and about on a Saturday morning, this is a little treat for the kids)

I also got a kick out of just letting our little one play with the legos at the lego store. Who knew that could be so fun? When I was younger, I would hurry my kids through. Now, I just get a cup of coffee and watch them:)

Well, this week will be all about Vacation Bible School for us, but if I hear about any little fun things to do I will post them here! Oh…speaking of which–the rebox code rbxthxu6 should be good through tomorrow for a free redbox. Thank you, uh oh. I cannot find where I got that tip from! But, I did use it today & it worked.

Good Things

Heather —  May 11, 2009

Today, the web just seems to be full of little prizes! I just found out Hallmark is giving away another free paper card with the code: ICTCARD. Go here, choose one & even have them stamp it and send it for you! Awesome concept for people like me, who can spend forever laughing in the card aisle, but forget to get one in the MAIL:) I already have my Dad’s father’s day card set up to be sent!! Then, of course today is free redbox monday with this code: 6A43JK. Go here for info. & to sign up for more codes. Many grocery coupons are reloading, and Kraft has some great summer savings coupons out today, that can be found on their site. Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the heads up!

Another good thing is Heifer International. Recently, I realized I could send a gift in someone’s Honor and make a small difference in the world without spending more than I should:) The process was simple and the website allows you to give as little as $10. So…you can buy even just a “share” of a cow or goat, etc to support people all over the world. Then, Heifer International sends a card/ecard to whomever you designate telling them what has been done in their honor. The ecard I chose was very tastefully done. I am impressed. Very cool. I just went back to their site to see more about them and I see Stephen Colbert has just done an interview with them. Love the cow!