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Thank Goodness Big Brother is laid back...Em tried lots of "not quite" words, Ha!

Thank Goodness Big Brother is laid back...Em tried lots of "not quite" words, Ha!

I was happy to review a copy of Scrabble Turbo Slam recently. While most of my kids can beat me in regular Scrabble, I thought this new game sounded like the perfect motivation for my youngest who is just learning to spell. I know she’s competitive!

Little did I know HOW much she wanted to win! It took several rounds to explain that to win, you HAD to use real words. The game is a race to spell four letter words and use up your cards. There is a timer and special “action” cards as well.

It was funny to watch her play, because she is a bit too young. The game is recommended for ages 8 and up, but my older kids are so nice about playing games with her so I wanted to use this as a teaching tool.

Two weeks later, she is much faster and better with it. I get a kick out of playing with her. Because the game is simple and all self-contained (everything is stored within the case–no losing cards and such), I like pulling it out for a quick game.

I felt like a great parent when it was me saying, “want to play a quick game before bed?” Usually, I’m the one saying no!

I figured it couldn’t hurt for the rest of the family to have a fun game around. So far, I have gotten a few of the kids to play. It IS hard to get them off the video games to come play. Yet, every time, they end up having a blast. Turbo Slam was no different. The older kids made hilarious (and real) words. They liked the timer action, too.

I really recommend finding games like this, where the pieces don’t get lost and a game can run pretty fast…or you can play more! That way, you as a parent aren’t exhausted and the kids are happy. Very fun.



  • For 2-4 players
  • Retails $14.99
  • Available now
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries

I received a Scrabble Turbo Slam game from Hasbro for my review. I have given my opinion.

Dad’s Desk

To see if you have the correct answer be sure to tune in this Saturday (August 6, 2011) to NBC at 8pm E.S.T./7pm C.S.T.  Here’s a preview:

It’s rare to find a television movie that is safe for all eyes and still entertaining. P&G’s upcoming offering Who is Simon Miller? fits the bill. In the blink of an eye, an ordinary family is faced with the disappearance of their father and the reality that he is not who they know him to be. The family begins a journey of discovery that will help them determine who is Simon Miller.

The best way to describe this movie would be a cross between True Lies and the Spy Kids series of movies. They managed to tone down the violence (very minimal and not graphic) and yet maintain a strong sense of suspense and action. This movie models the virtues of loyalty and trust and exposes some of the real life issues all families face (not just those with a spy for a parent).

So take time to schedule your family movie night now! This would even be a good flick to watch with other friends who have kids. When you are done watching this movie, you will be able to answer the question Who is Simon Miller?

“I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

From Dad’s Desk:

It is not often I find a television movie that is actually worth rounding up everyone to watch.  Field of Vision, a Family Movie Night presentation, is a “Must See” movie for the entire family. The premiere is this Saturday, June 11, 2011 at 8pm E.S.T/ 7pm CT on NBC.

Today’s teens are exposed to so much more than I was 20+ years ago.  An issue that has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years is bullying. In Field of Vision the star quarterback is confronted with how he should handle the bullying of a new transfer student by other members of the football team.  If he confronts the issue, it could put the team’s march towards the state high school football championship at risk.

In Field of Vision the viewer is shown the real challenges and range of emotions that go into choosing to do the right thing by confronting the bullying of a new transfer student by other members of the football team head on.  The high school principal (Faith Ford from the TV Show Murphy Brown) who is also the mother of the star quarterback helps walk her son through the process of confronting the bullies.  At the same time she works with the new transfer student to understand his past and plan for his future.

Don’t forget to stop by the Field of Vision Facebook page for more information.

So gather up the family, get the popcorn, and tune in to NBC for Field of Vision this Saturday at 8pm E.S.T./7pm CT

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Logo of World Autism Awareness Day, April 2, b...

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If you are interested in learning more about Autism or looking for some support I totally recommend visiting Penny Ray at Not New To Autism. She has a wealth of information and great ideas! And, in honor of World Autism Day I’d like to share a special video from

The Swingset Mamas:

Random and Yeah for My Kids!

Heather —  March 29, 2011

I really need to start participating in some of the random, miscellaneous memes–I have so many things I haven’t posted about that I want to and my kids are so busy…and I want to brag on them. For example, we started this month off with a visit to Virginia Beach Aquarium with HEAV (our state homeschool group).


The best parts were the stingrays and the turtles, we thought!

Tired Emma, Nick the hero!

Tired Emma, Nick the hero!

Then, soccer started. Two of our boys are doing this on different teams. I really like watching these games!


Yeah! 21!!

Go 25!!

Go 25!!

We also got to see Jac in her first highschool play. She was wonderful and so much presence on stage! She’s also doing Tennis, but i don’t have a pic of that…

First big play, ironically--the play was the show BIG!

First big play, ironically--the play was the show BIG!

Sports Guy & Sweet Honey enjoy the play

Sports Guy & Sweet Honey enjoy the play

Other random happenings:

Mom & Sweet Honey take the pluge to make a terrarium...

Mom & Sweet Honey take the plunge to make a terrarium...

We got the terrarium idea from a Bright Ideas Press newsletter (go visit them– click here if you want fun learning ideas–sign up for their newsletter!)

Andrew & sweet Honey take over and make an awesome terrarium--perfect bit of color while waiting for Spring

Andrew & sweet Honey take over and make an awesome terrarium--perfect bit of color while waiting for Spring

And last, but not least, Sweet Honey and I really tried to make an organic snack to share…but I have copied so many easy ideas, like tortilla chips in cookie cutter shapes, that I could not come up with my own. Still, the thought got Emma cooking!

such an easy cooking for kids idea--just cut a wrap w/cutter...and brush w/olive oil...cook at 350 for 6-7 min

such an easy cooking for kids idea--just cut a wrap w/cutter...and brush w/olive oil...cook at 350 for 6-7 min

Yummy butterflies and apples, thanks Sweet Honey!

Yummy butterflies and apples w/salsa, thanks Sweet Honey!

Ji Ga Zo Puzzle from Hasbro

Heather —  March 10, 2011

And I thought those 3D puzzles were amazing! Whoever came up with Ji Ga Zo  is a creative genius–I am impressed! A quick video to share how this works:

And then, our bloopers!

Oh, we have fun reviewing some of these games! But, back to business at hand:

Ji Ga Zo is a new way to create a puzzle out of a digital image. Upload the software, then upload any of your photos and make an icon map, which you then follow to create a mosaic image puzzle. Either save this puzzle and frame it or start all over again with another photo!

Includes CD-ROM with software and instructions (mac & pc compatible), 300 puzzle pieces and assembly grid.

Ages 8+, retails around $25.

Check out Ji Ga Zo on YouTube:

To buy, or find out more, visit Ji Ga Zo on

You can also find Ji Ga Zo and other family games on the Family Game Night Facebook Page

FYI: Hasbro and TOMBSTONE® Pizza are teaming up this month to give you free (up to $7.01) TOMBSTONE Pizza with the purchase of a new game. For a limited time, pick up ANY Hasbro game at your local retailer, then visit the “Special Offer” tab at to download a mail in offer form to receive a coupon for a FREE (up to $7.01) TOMBSTONE Pizza.

I received the Ji Ga Zo puzzle from Hasbro for my review. I have given my honest opinion.

Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ Celebrate Mardi Gras wherever you are! 48 hour giveaway!!

We are getting ready for a Mardi Gras celebration at our house! I am doing a Zatarains House Party and cannot wait to share my famous shrimp Jambalaya and our Hurricanes with friends and family—

And for my readers for Mardi Gras, I get to share a giveaway of fantastic Zatarains boxed meals, spice blends and gravy mixes and a bunch of other tasty products I’m sure you will enjoy!!

In getting ready for my Fat Tuesday party, I have gotten some great ideas and had a lot of fun visiting the Zatarains Facebook Mardi Gras pages. You can get wonderful recipes, download big easy music, jazz up your profile picture and even watch Chef John Besh create fast, delicious recipes.

Did you know? A Big Easy Celebration: Perhaps contrary to popular belief, most of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras celebrations actually take place in the home, away from the revelry most commonly associated with the French Quarter. Centered around time-honored dishes that are both flavorful and easy to prepare, the food brings family and friends together.

Check out some of these ideas to hold a simple and fun Mardi Gras with your family!

  • Visit “Mardi Gras Central” at for Carnival recipes, music, live parade videos and to jazz up your profile pic! (Even get coupons!)
  • Host your own Mardi Gras party at home.
  • Extend the holiday with costumes, authentic desserts and the festive Carnival colors. How about some King Cake cupcakes??

Celebrate Mardi Gras Style with A Zatarains Giveaway!

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This is a quick 48 hour giveaway! I will choose a winner on Mardi Gras!! (3/8/11) Giveaway is for US only. Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you in your comments.

Thanks to Zatarains who provided this giveaway!

clipHi all! I just wanted to pop in a share some information I got about games–during the winter, I have had fun playing some games with the kids and it seems like new, fun things are coming out all the time.
I am hoping to be able to share a review and giveaway of Scrabble Flash soon! Anyway, here is a heads up on a coupon deal and a new place for scrabble lovers!

Thanks to the current special offer from Hasbro, February is the perfect time to update and stock your family’s game closet with the latest and greatest. Visit the “Special Offers” tab on the Family Game Night Facebook page to download and print a coupon for a free card game (valued at $5.99 or less) when you purchase a Hasbro game for $9.99 or more (excludes Winning Moves, USAopoply and video games). Act fast! This offer is available for a limited time only.
Calling all wordsmiths! We’re excited to announce the launch of a new Facebook page dedicated to all things Scrabble. Whether you’re a fan of the classic board game, or enjoy Scrabble Flash, Scrabble Slam or Scrabble Junior (or all of the above!), this page will be a one-stop shop for word lovers. Find daily word challenges, words of the day, coupon offers, Scrabble news and tips, online gaming, and School Scrabble info, with more exciting features still to come! Visit to “Like” us and start exploring the world of Scrabble.
Do you know any superstar Scrabble players in grades 5-8? If the answer is yes, now’s the time for them to register for the 2011 National School Scrabble Championship! Teams of two students can register to compete in this year’s competition, which will take place April 15-16 at the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, FL. Visit to register now. Not familiar with our School Scrabble program? Check out this video from the 2009 Championship.”

You can find Hasbro Games on the web: