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The Person I Marry

Heather —  November 3, 2011

I wanted to review this as my oldest son is getting married, and I thought this might be a sweet gift for his wonderful bride, or perhaps some of the younger ones in the wedding party.

After reading through the text, I wish I could give everyone a copy, as many of the thoughts are so important to anyone thinking about marriage, young or old. (Many things, I need to remember!)

I think this book would also be great for little ones, to give them dreams for a lovely marriage.

While I received an online link to review this book and not the actual hardcopy, I can tell from the link that the illustrations are beautiful and so realistic.

The author, Gary Bower, and illustrator, Jan Bower created the book during the year of their 30th Anniversary. As “a tool for tenderizing the hearts of our own 12 children, and sparking comfortable conversation about marriage amongst ourselves,” says Bower

Visually, the book really draws you in and makes you want to read about the virtues needed for a lasting marriage. I have included some clips of my absolute favorite pages.

I think I love this one, because I have red hair, and my husband is so encouraging...

This book is a part of the Bright Future Series, which shares Biblical principles for families.

Kind and gentle goes a long way, doesn't it?

The Person I Marry was awarded “2010 Book of the Year” by the Christian Small Publisher Association, and has received endorsements from Gary Smalley, Eric & Leslie Ludy, and the Duggar Family. 

The Person I Marry is available as a 32 page hardback and retails for $11.99. You can even get autographed copies. On the website, you’ll find many more books that I think appeal to children and adults, books like, What Do Heroes Wear and Thinking of Others.

Stories and images are such learning tools for your children and I would love to have some of these in our library.

Visit the Bower Books website,

See what my crewmates have to say about Bower Books.


I received an online link to The Person I Marry through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.

TOS Crew Blog Hop!

Heather —  September 13, 2011

So, what's my favorite Not back to School thing? Well, sleeping in. {wink} But, seriously, things like tonight, with Daddy teaching Emma her Chemistry!

So, what's my favorite Not back to School thing? Well, sleeping in. {wink} But, seriously, things like tonight, with Daddy teaching Emma her Chemistry! Marshmallow molecules, anyone?

Our TOS Crew has been sailing full steam ahead and they are reviewing all sorts of wonderful items.

I am enjoying meeting even more excellent bloggers who Know the Ropes! And, this month, I am honored to be one of the hosts for the TOS Blog Hop:)

Come on and join in the fun by participating in this hop! (The linky is open to ALL homeschoolers)

The theme for this month’s hop is “Not-Back-To-School”.  This is an open invitation to post about what you enjoy about homeschooling. Want to chat about what you did on the first day? Talk about your traditions? Speak up about what you love about homeschooling? You have the floor!

Check out some new blogs and let others find you! Enjoy!

Crew Blog Hop

The Guidelines for participating in the TOS Crew blog hop are as follows:

1. Please grab the blog hop button to spread the word.

2. Please follow our wonderful hosts – Families Again, Marine Corps Nomads, Faith, Family, and Fun, and Training Children up for Christ as well as the 2 blogs in front of your link.

3. Please link directly to your blog hop post. Our theme for this month is Not-Back-To-School.

4. Please do not link up your giveaways, blog hops, etc. (These will be deleted.)

Link up your blog, visit and follow the blogs that interest you and have fun getting to know the 2011-2012 TOS Crew as well as the other participating homeschoolers. If you follow our blogs and leave a comment, we will follow you back! (Since we’re all homeschoolers, it may take us a few days to follow everyone back. Thanks for your understanding.)

Now, let’s get blog hoppin’ and have some fun!

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Past Crew Blog Hops:

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Looking for a Holiday Gift For a Homeschooler? (Or for Yourself?)

Put 2 and 2 together and save up to 60% on a one-year sub

While there have been several sales on The OldSchoolhouse Magazine this year, this end of the year one sounds like a really great buy (especially if you move quickly)

I love this magazine–and frankly, I also recommend it to families who do not homeschool, as the magazine has a lot of articles about parenting, cooking, and supporting the family as well as homeschooling information.

Put 2 and 2 together and save up to 60% on a one-year subscription. Plus, you could get a tote bag, Schoolhouse Planner, or gift coupon!

So, for the details:

On Monday, November 15, the price for a one-year U.S. or Canadian print subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is $10. (I’d get mine today:)

On Tuesday, November 16, the price goes to $12. On Wednesday, November 17, the price is $14.

Each day they will add $2 until Saturday and Sunday, when the price is $20. At midnight PST on Sunday, November 21, the price goes back to its regular level.

Plus, every 12th customer to purchase a subscription gets a tote bag. Every 14th customer to purchase a subscription gets a copy of the E-Book: The 2010-2011 Schoolhouse Planner. Every 16th customer to purchase a subscription gets a $25 gift card to the Totally TOS category in the Schoolhouse Store. This excludes Molly Green and Download N Go.

As an added bonus, the highest ticket of the day on Monday, November 15 through Wednesday, November 17, will win a $200 gift card to the Schoolhouse Store. This can be used for any company in the Store, except Download N Go.

The earlier you grab your one-year new or renewing subscription, the better the price you’ll pay. Plus, you could receive one of the bonus gifts. Or, you might be the highest ticket of the day!

If you are eligible for a bonus gift, you will receive an email from a member of the Schoolhouse Store team.

And, don’t forget to get your FREE Holiday Supplement!! (Just click on the art below)

2010 Holiday Digital Supplement/Idea Book Book Collector
book mess

book mess

I adore books. One of my dreams is to have an old fashioned library, complete with deep, dark cherry workwork…a meticulously organized book collection…comfy leather seats…

But, I don’t have that yet. In fact, I have a hard time just barely storing all our books….they often look like the photo above, I’m sorry to say.

One of my sons, Nick, is a crazy book lover like me. He has attempted to catalogue our books many times. He is creative and has tried “our own” system and many free versions of cataloging software.

To be frank, I have never put time aside to try to help keep track of our library and I do regret that. I think Nick had the right idea.

So, I was intrigued when I got Collectorz to review for the TOS Crew.

We received a book collecting software from called the Book Collector Pro Version that allows us to catalog our book collection on our computers!

Basically, the program is pretty intuitive—you can just catalog your book collection by ISBN.
Just enter ISBNs or scan ISBN barcodes, and the program automatically adds book details and cover art. Book Collector key features allow you to:

Try Book Collector Free for 30 days (100 book limit)

Nick and I have been playing around with it and I like it! Some of the features strike me as very useful. For instance, we can print out lists of our books, keep track of any books we lend out, and we can even update our lists with the iTouch.

You can also catalogue your existing ebook and audio book files just by scanning your folders…

And, you can upgrade your Collectorz account to Book Collector Connect and do even more:

  • Browse your personal book collection online
    Search and sort your collection in List, Detail or Cover View.
  • Publish your book database online on servers
    Access your book inventory from any online computer or mobile device.
  • Share your collection list with friends & family
    Make your collection public (optional), then just email a web-link
  • Connect is a fully stand-alone book organizer tool
    Connect is a cool add-on to the Book Collector downloadable desktop edition for Windows or Mac, but it can also be used on its own, as a super-easy online book cataloging tool.

Book Collector Standard Version is $29.95, and Book Collector Pro Version costs $49.95. has all kinds of options.  Go check out their site! I know my kids are waiting to try out the Movie Collectorz and Game Collectorz!

See what my crewmates have to say about Collectorz!

I received Collectorz for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.

CSN Stores Giveaway Winner

Heather —  October 18, 2010

Morning! I just pulled the winner for my Giveaway to CSN Stores–

Winner: Christine @ Our Homeschool Reviews
Comment: Like you on facebook! .-= Christine @ Our Homeschool Reviews´s last blog ..Soli Deo Gloria Resources – Map Skills =-.
Congrats, Christine!
Thanks to all who entered. I have a couple more giveaways coming up as soon as I write the review up…and some ending soon!

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But you have to act fast-the wind is changing and this offer is only here for one day!

Just What IS Me Time?

Heather —  September 13, 2010
Image via Wikipedia

This weeks Blog Cruise asks an interesting question:

How do you find free time? Is it okay to take time for yourself? If so, how?

Now, many people will answer this question straight up. They will probably talk about carving out early morning times, exercise times…book groups…but when I first heard the question, I thought about that Me Time Myth ebook I read last year.

I couldn’t get that out of my mind. So bear with me while I get it out of my system?

When I hear this question, I personally think I am in a time in my life where it really is not useful to have “me” time. Somehow, I always pay for it.

I can just hear everyone now, saying, well, Me Time is healthy! You should get some. But, let me explain. I have 5 kids now…and most are teens. Honestly, life is just moving very quickly around here–and often, I miss something special if I am busy being just me in my me time…

I like to think that I have found ways to incorporate my activities and my rests into our lives. As I don’t have any toddlers running around, for example, I can sit and have a cup of coffee and read a bit. I can plan a little trip (although as my 5 year old has epilepsy, we haven’t felt comfortable leaving her alone this past year–so we have to pack her as well) but still, I have a lot of freedom…compared to women with little ones, I am in a restful period in my life.

And deep down, I do feel like the kids are growing up so quickly now. I have already had one go off to college.

After he left, I was in shock. Somehow I always thought there would be time for more things. I was always telling him– that —“I was busy and we’d talk about that later….”

Oh, you guessed it. I cried when he packed. And cried when we saw the dorm. And cried when I kept listening for his car at night.

And, while I think having a special hobby or work that you enjoy is fantastic, I also think that our culture has skewed our concepts of what actually refreshes us. Talking to my oldest always refreshes me.

I think that we can slow down and incorporate what is important to us as people into our lives as wives and moms.

I do not feel that the two are mutually exclusive. Last year, I read an ebook called, WeE-book™- The “Me Time” Myth. That little ebook really struck a chord with me. You can download it for $1.95 from TOS (no, I’m not reviewing/selling it) I just wanted to share the link if anyone is interested. You can even just read the summary to get some sweet thoughts!

Anyway, my point is that I think Moms need to take a period of their lives to be “hands-on” moms.

When you are doing that, and truly believing that you are doing an amazing, essential thing, you will be refreshed in the middle of being with your family.

So, while I may enjoy a pedicure…or a book…this is one Mom who you won’t hear complaining about being with her kids.

Now, you may hear me complaining about a behavior one of my kids has that I want to get away from!

To read more thoughts from bloggers on this topic, check out the Blog Cruise.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Want to feel clean, natural and pampered?


The Terralina Ultimate Collection.

One word to describe Terralina products? The word would be soothing. Heavenly, even.

I am a redhead with ultra sensitive skin. If I am not careful, I can have flare-ups of rosacea, even break outs. I have the type of skin that will often hurt, sting…burn when I use skincare products. I learned a long time ago to stick with one particular product.

As I began to learn more about natural options, I became more and more concerned about what was IN my product. I knew my skin became sore and irritated by scents and heavy lotions, but I did not know too much about what WAS good for my skin.

Enter Terralina.

The founders of Terralina originally created their company while looking for ways for pregnant moms to be good to their skin, believing that:

“What goes onto your skin, goes into your body”

Moms are so smart.

This quest for healthier options led to the Terralina line of skincare products. With ingredients like olive and vitamin E, Terralina is naturally formulated to be antioxidant rich, without harmful ingredients (like parabens, PEGs, silicone, mineral oils, ethoxylates, glycols, acrylates, or artificial fragrance). I found it really interesting to look through their Natural Beauty Ingredient Glossary.

I received The Terralina Ultimate Collection for review and I have been using this for a little over a month.

As someone with rosacea, I am not supposed to use exfoliators in general. But every once in a while, I just really want to exfoliate! So, when I first received my Terralina, the exfoliant was the first product I looked at. I tried a teeny bit and absolutely loved the light granules. The scent was also light. I went ahead and used it and felt so much smoother and just cleaner. After several weeks of use, my pores are smaller, my face is clearer and my skin is so soft.

I try to use all the other products just at night, such as the facial cleanser and toner. They are so pleasant, I find myself drawn to them in the morning as well—the textures and scents are both relaxing and refreshing and do not dry out my skin at all.

I especially love the facial moisturizer. The moisturizer contains olive oil and white tea and with my fair and dry skin, my moisturizer is the most important part of my beauty routine. Terralina’s facial moisturizer has a whipped texture that just smooths into my skin with a light fragrance. My skin feels so hydrated and supple. The body lotion has a similar effect on my skin and using the body lotion is such a treat on my shaved legs.

I felt like my skin felt and looked better. And, I feel good that I am using more natural products. But the best thing? One morning my husband asked:

“What are you doing differently? Your skin looks great—it feels great, too.”

Who knew the body lotion could be so sexy!

You can buy Terralina online. Right now they have a buy 1 get 1 free sale and free shipping on orders over $30. You can also use coupon code MAMABUZZ10 for 10% off your total order.

And….Thanks to Terralina, I get to giveaway one Terralina Ultimate Collection!

($138 value, US only).

For the mandatory entry, please tell me what Terralina product you would love to use. Read more about the Terralina Ultimate Collection.

For additional entries:

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Don’t forget to leave your email in case you are the winner! I will choose a winner September 28, 2010.

I received the Terralina Ultimate Collection from Terralina LLC through MamaBuzz for the purpose of review. I have given my honest opinion.