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Holiday Ideas!

Heather —  October 31, 2009

I have been waiting for this! Go get yours!

2009 Holiday Digital Supplement/Idea Book

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Help Lord, I’m Getting Ready To Homeschool a High Schooler!

Rating and Summary: 4+, See a Sample, here

From the introduction to the last author biography, the ebook “Help Lord, I’m getting ready to Homeschool a High Schooler,” is a testament to the marvelous possibilities inherent in homeschooling. For me, this was a pageturner.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the content I received in The OldSchoolhouse’s Wannabe Series E-Book, “When I Grow Up, I want to be…a Doctor”. Personally, I love the idea of delight directed unit studies…but sometimes my idea of what is delightful is not the same as my children’s idea of delightful. In this case, we have a match!

In this e-book, I found a passionate little unit study that I and all my children can enjoy. The series is geared toward an age range of 4 to 10 years, but I found my 4 year old and my 14 year old going through the pages, doing activities and talking about being a doctor together. There are activities for many ages, from serious lessons in the lifestyle of a doctor, decision trees, and pay grades, to ideas for learning play with gelatin mold “surgery,” creating doctor charts and doctor cakes!

The ebook is 85 pages, and I particularly liked the beginning portion with real-life doctors discussing their careers. The doctors, Dr. Jibran Atwi and Dr. Celina Atwi follow different paths in the practice of their skills, but both show a love for their profession. Their stories have a nice clarity for children and I like the footnote portions, where items the doctor has mentioned, such as “rounds”, and “culture”, are defined further. There are also clickable internet resources for further exploration.

Once we were introduced to the doctors, we found more stuff to play with! I like the doctor of optometry lessons, the quizzes, and the related book and video lists. My kids are excited to do the wordsearches, fill in the blanks and games.

I also have told them we will finish up the study with a doctor themed party (idea from page 67, thank you). You know, Einstein once said, “your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” As a mom, I want to stimulate my children’s imaginations and train them to recognize choices…and chances. From what I see, I think this series is a good opportunity to discuss career options with your children on many levels and set their imaginations soaring!

To see sample pages, click here.

This e-book is currently offered at $8.95. However, this series includes many other career units, such as Veterinarian, Firefighter, Chef, etc. So, you can pre-order the series 10 pack at an introductory special price of $49 until August 30th (a savings of 45%). If I decide to purchase the series, I would add career class to our list of extracurricular subjects for the year and go through these as a treat for the kids.