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My Weekly Reading List

Heather —  July 21, 2010
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So, what am i currently reading for 52 books in 52 weeks? Well, I have several books going at the moment. I’m not sure how I started all these at the same time, but I’ll know which one I Like best by which is finished first! ….

1. The Well Trained Mind, by Jesse Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.

I need to read this as my daughter will be starting Classical Conversations this Fall. I agree with many of the tenets of the classical education. Still, my mind is fighting a little. I really enjoy the more Charlotte Mason…toward unschooling….bent as well. And, yes. I have tons of trouble deciding which flavor ice-cream cone to order.

2. No More Christian Nice Girl, by Paul Coughlin and Jennifer Degler, Ph.D

This one came for a review and I was drawn to it like it was dark chocolate. Book explores why Nice Christian Girls can have lame, useless boundaries based on the idea that, well, christian girls should be nice doormats and that jesus was some sort of two dimensional “nice” guy. I am loving it so far, but finding no instant miracles to help me have better boundaries. I’m too smart and have been around too long to be a NCG doormat, but I do have boundary issues as I tend to want everyone to like me. Know that feeling?

3. Second Chance, by Jane Green.

To get away from all my other books. I loved Green years ago…when I read Babyville. Not sure yet how I feel about this one.

4. In Plain Sight, By Charles Gordon, M.D.

Reading for a review–I put it away back at Easter, as I was overwhelmed with family crap stuff. Ended up crawling back to my Bible time and this book. But, in spite of myself, this marvelous little devotional by the doctor is becoming a favorite book that I will read and reread–to myself and others. Photos from nature and science compared, showing God’s perfect design for creation.

What are you reading?? Send me some good tips! I never seem to have time to research new books….

Barnes & Noble eReader Software Coming to iPad

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Well, I am glad to see this pop up! Last week, I wrote a post about e-readers for your iPod, iTouch, iPad…computers, etc. One thing I was disappointed about was that I didn’t like the free ebook offerings from B&N. Today, I see in my email that they have a bunch of classics available for free–just in time for back to school! Check out these B&N classic FREE ebooks.

And, it looks like they may continue offering FREE classic ebooks weekly through Sept 14th! I just may end up reading on these things…..

Got eReader?

Heather —  July 9, 2010
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I have an iPod Touch and I love so many of my apps. I am having a hard time, though, trying to get used to reading on this thing! I have heard some people say they like it, but for me….please just give me the book!

Maybe I’d change my tune if I had an iPad….Anyway, there are several free eReaders out there that you can use with your iPod, iTouch, iPad, etc.

I already have the iTouch Kindle eReader from Amazon. One thing I liked about this reader is that I am always on the lookout for freebies, and I get a lot of emails from Amazon with free ebook offerings—and many of these are classics. Check out the free Kindle eReader for many devices and the Kindle free ebooks.

clipOk. So, I already had the kindle one and I Still want real books. But, now I see that until July 15th, you can download the BN eReader, and bring your device in…and show the guys at The B&N Café what you are reading…and get a free tall Starbucks® coffee (hot or iced). These days, I’m thinking iced…

So, I went ahead and downloaded the B&N eReader. That seems ok. Then I went looking for free ebooks (you already know I’m cheap). In this part, though, I was really disappointed. The offerings they have for free ebooks are many (like 5 pages) But…I found most of the books offensive. I know, you go digging in the bargain bin, you can find some junk. But, most of them were, to me, overly sexual—majorly—or, really gross, horror type stuff. Suffice it to say, there was not one free one I would put on my eReader to show the folks at the café—I’d probably scare the kids making the coffee.

Anyway, go ahead and check out the link to the B&N eReader and IF you can find something to download (you probably should buy that, the prices are ok) you can get a free coffee!

ok. Now, I have these two and my college kid says I need to look at Stanza. This eReader, too, is free. From what I can tell so far, you can access a ton of free books, magazines etc on here as well…but does not seem to work with iTouch…this will take some more research!

Do you read online? What do you use as an eReader?

Learning for her, Mom time for me!

Learning for her, Mom time for me!

I am enjoying the busy, warm, fun days of Summer right now, and I honestly do not want to talk about school much at all! However, I do think lying by the pool, going on nature walks and letting my children plan menus on these lazy Summer days are all forms of education also, so…I do believe it is true that teaching is always going on one way or another for all parents!

I hope you are enjoying times of rest and peace with your children. I have to admit, our days have been either absolutely lovely or I am pulling my hair out, wondering what just happened to our peace. Anyway, last Summer, I began the season with more rules. This time around, I was a bit more relaxed.

After two weeks into it, I am going back to one rule–the We Are Having A Siesta rule. I posted about this last year (read here: have a summer siesta for your kids!) and it really worked well for us to have an hour of quiet and rest after lunch, with reading, but always in the same spot and no getting up and running around and NO electronics.

I am not sure how I forgot to do this again until now, but now we are doing it again:) What are some of your favorite ways to support yourself and your kids during the Summer?