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Fit Mommy Friday!

November 12, 2010

Curious? You can see my Fit Mommy Challenge Post. Today, I need to list how I am doing on my goals in the challenge.

  1. My goal: To continue to eat only organic foods- Did This, no eating out this week
  2. To lose 10 Lbs for Christmas- Well, have not lost any yet.
  3. To drink wine at most 1-2 nights per week, a maximum of 2 glasses- Blew this, I know, it doesn’t matter its organic. My husband pointed that out….
  4. To not eat at all after 7:30 pm- Did eat several times after 7:30. I kept forgetting. Noticed I look for carbs- crackers, things like that after kids are settled and I’m tidying kitchen
  5. To not eat/taste batter/appetizers etc while Holiday cooking- Did not eat while cooking, except when I put out appetizers for company. I probably ate way too many calories there, talking and moving around
  6. To incorporate more veggies into my diet- Ate carrots for snack 2x, purposefully did not buy anything like pretzels. Added more veges to lunches
  7. To exercise at least 4x per week- Exercised officially 2x.

ok. So there you have it. Not a great re-start. But, I kept putting it off, then the week was almost gone. I was more aware and mentally noticing my weaknesses, rather than trying not to!

Now that I’ve faced my weaknesses…yuck….I have high hopes for this upcoming week.

Head over to Got Chai to how the other participants are doing!

I love gift boxes!! Honestly, my favorite treats are gift baskets. It is even better when the mailman comes…and you don’t know what you’ll find inside…I just love the anticipation with this kind of gift!

Anyway, suffice it to say I’m a sucker for the Holiday gift boxes and baskets. So, when I saw that my favorite store, Whole Foods, is offering Holiday Gift Boxes this season, I got, well, a bit over-excited. Those of you who know me, know that I did.

So is it wrong to have that kidlike eagerness?

Nah. Enjoy life, right?

And, if you want to treat friends and family…but not load them down with foods with artificial preservatives, flavors and hydrogenated fats, this is a great way to go. All the products inside the gift boxes meet the Whole Foods Quality Standards.

I may just order myself another one. Or two.

As you can see in my video, I got the Ciao Down Package. This is a great one for large families—A healthy, full meal, with a special appetizer and bit of dessert!

I loved the selection of Whole Foods Gift Boxes. You can choose from:

  • The Gift of Grub – Summer sausage (with no artificial nitrates!), shortbread, nuts, caramels, chocolate and more.
  • You’re Zenzational — Lotions, bath salts and other personal care products.
  • Get Warm, Get Fuzzy – Coffee, tea and cocoa together with plenty of sweet treats.
  • “You Rock” Box o’ Choc – A tremendous amount of chocolate, including bars, cookies and brownie bites.
  • Ciao Down – Pastas, sauce, pesto and other classics combine for easy Italian feasts.

I can’t decide which other one I’d really want. Shortbread vs. Coffee? Spa products? Who decided what was to be in the boxes? They are geniuses. The only hard thing about giving these gift boxes is making the choices. Seriously. (If you really cannot decide, they have gift cards, too)

Also, how often have you felt badly when you get tons of packaging? I was impressed that my package was sturdy but not overpackaged. Whole Foods says that they went green for these gift boxes. Want specifics? Here you are:

“By using a higher quality corrugated cardboard in one box instead of lower quality in two, we were able to use fewer resources. And the cardboard we did use is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (license code FSC-C101601).”And, for packing materials, they use 15% post-industrial waste shredded paper that is compostable and recyclable.

Prices range from $40 to $60 (plus shipping).

You can’t get these in-store—they are only available online. You can also check out Gift Box FAQ!

I received a Ciao Down Gift Box from Whole Foods for my Review. I have given my honest opinion.

Fit Mommy Friday

November 5, 2010

Well, I jumped back into Fit Mommy Friday on Nov. 3rd, officially. You can see my Fit Mommy Challenge Post. Today, I need to list my goals for the challenge.

  1. To continue to eat only organic foods. I began this in April. From time to time, I have cheated–only very slightly though–this mainly happens when I eat out. Occasionally, I will also take a review item that I will try for the family, because it IS pretty healthy and I like to offer healthy giveaways. Overall, this goal is pretty much accomplished, but I want it to be a total way of life.
  2. To lose 10 Lbs for Christmas
  3. To drink wine at most 1-2 nights per week, a maximum of 2 glasses
  4. To not eat at all after 7:30 pm
  5. To not eat/taste batter/appetizers etc while Holiday cooking
  6. To incorporate more veggies into my diet
  7. To exercise at least 4x per week

ok. So there you have it. Wish me luck? Also, you are welcome to join in! Head over to Got Chai to join up!

Fit Mommy Friday

November 3, 2010

Ok. So let’s try this AGAIN.

A sweet blogging friend of mine began a challenge a while back called Fit Mommy. The concept is great–eat healthy, exercise, challenge yourself to whatever level you want. Check in with a group of likeminded and supportive women with a check-in blog post each Friday and read up about how everyone else is doing.

I started out with a bang. Then, the weather continued to be freezing…and I got sick. I whined and groaned and over the next few weeks, basically dropped out of Fit Mommy. (I think they were probably glad)

Anyway, I saw recently that Fit Mommy is having a showdown to help people get motivated again during the Holiday Season:

“Beginning Monday, October 25 and running through December 31st (65 days), Fit Mommy is hosting its first Fitness Challenge!”

Now, I just blogged about this, and I know it’s a bit late. But everyone is welcome to join in…and there is even a prize package for a lucky Fit Mommy!!

I told Denise (the original Fit Mommy) that I really should do this. I also admitted that I could probably drop some weight instantaneously if I quit one thing….yes, that would be having a glass of wine in the evenings. Or was that two? (yes, mom, I’m mostly joking)

Anyway, Smart Fit Mommy Denise sent me a fantastic video clip that says it all. Take a look:

Motivated? There are a bunch of people playing along–Go to Got Chai to join in!

My goals? I will post them this coming Friday! Right now, I am off to download Fit Mommy 10 Week Daily Checklist available through Mrs. White’s blog @ The Legacy of Home (She’s the co-host for the challenge:)

Lemon_Pepper_Panko-WEBGiveaway Closed. While I turn into an escapist during the Summer…Fall really brings out the homemaker in me. These cooler days are the ones that have me, once again, trying to become a masterful chef.

The only trouble with this…is that I am not such a great cook. I do try, but somehow, I tend to hurry and…well, I’m just not that into it!

I think that is one reason I love simple, healthy, fresh ingredients…using these type things, I can’t go wrong. One of my sons, however, has that magical knack for creating delicious dishes. He is still young and never fails to amaze me with his luck in the kitchen. After watching him, I now truly believe being a great cook is a gift…

Nevertheless I try. I like to collect cookbooks and new ideas for recipes. The fact that I’m not the best cook doesn’t stop seven people from being hungry around here. And now, my son often cooks as well–which is an amazing blessing.

One thing I usually never do is fry things…even though I’m a Georgia girl, I know most fried foods are bad for you. I have often used items like nuts, breadcrumbs and panko to bread chicken and sometimes fish, but that’s about it.

I am really excited to tell you about a Blogspark that has already made me a better cook!

I just got a gift pack including one package of Progresso Lemon Pepper Panko and an autographed copy of chef Chiarello´s new cookbook: Michael Chiarello´s Bottega.

The cookbook is gorgeous! It is signed by Michael, with tons of recipes and beautiful illustrations…it so nice that I gave it to my son, who plans to “make every recipe.” Haha. I bet he will, though.

We already used the panko for some easy recipes, like chicken tenders. I like the lemon flavor and the light crunchy texture of this panko. But, in addition to some of Michael’s fancy uses for panko, he mentions some ideas on the Progresso website that are easy enough for me! One of my favorite ideas:

“Lasagna is twice as good with panko on top. Mix 50 50 with parm cheese and parsley. Will stay crunchy for ever.”

And, after reading Chef Chiarello’s cookbook, I see I am in good company and actually doing what he recommends…as he is: “A chef known for his emphasis on creating delicious dishes with fresh, premium ingredients, Chef Michael Chiarello uses panko as his go-to bread crumb for a crunch that won´t quit. An Emmy-award winning TV chef and cookbook author, Chef Chiarello is the tastemaker behind Bottega Napa Valley Restaurant, NapaStyle and Chiarello Family Vineyards, and appears on The Cooking Channel and Top Chef Masters only on Bravo.”

Chef Chiarello is helping cooks everywhere use Progresso´s panko to make flavorful, flawless recipes including Crispy Seafood Salad, Mama Chiarello’s Stuffed Eggplant and Turkey Scallopini and Squash Ravioli with Cranberry Brown Butter.”

Visit the Progresso website for additional recipes, tips for cooking with panko, video and a coupon for $1 off any panko flavor.

Check out the Progresso’s Wine & Dine with Chef Michael Chiarello Sweepstakes. Now through December 31st, participants can enter for the chance to win a trip for two to Napa Valley to attend the Spring Bud Break Party, an annual dinner and wine tasting event taking place on May 7, 2011. In addition to two tickets to the party, the grand prize also includes roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations. Visit or the sweepstakes rules and entry form.

I have a gift pack to giveaway!! This pack includes one package of Progresso Lemon Pepper Panko and an autographed copy of chef Chiarello´s new cookbook: Michael Chiarello´s Bottega. (This would make a wonderful gift!)

For the mandatory entry, just tell me what you would make with Progresso Lemon Pepper Panko!

For additional entries, you can:

I will choose a winner on 11/17. (so you can use asap!) Giveaway is for USA and Canada only. Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you in your comments.

I received a Lemon Pepper Panko Gift Pack to review, and one to giveaway from General Mills through MyBlogSpark.

Green Blog Hop!!

October 26, 2010

I’m so excited…I found a Green Blog Hop!

This hop is going on over at Going Green With Noah…and it says it is for “For “Green” Blogs or “Green” Sites Only – Even if you’re just starting out!”

We’ve been organic since April…and although I have a long way to go in making green changes, so far, it has been wonderful!

So click on the button to join in the hopping!

While you are here, you can see a bit about our organic journey.

And,  please sign up for my EcoMom giveaway!

Ok. So now I have gotten into my Fall routine. It’s mainly teach, shop, cook, try to stay healthy, have a bit of fun…repeat.

If you are like me…you are probably ready for a break—a bit of a regroup, as we head into the Winter and all the Holidays!

I totally recommend taking a bit of time for yourself, mama, and find some little changes you can make that will nurture your body and spirit as the days get colder. And, I have a treat from the perfect spot to buy eco-friendly baby products- Ecomom. (They have cool stuff for moms, too)

This Fall, I have struggled with our going organic thing—I am still very committed to it and determined to feed my family pure, healthy things. I am proud that my cooking and shopping has changed dramatically.

I am also excited that a my green lifestyle is actually becoming a habit and I am starting to internalize some of these ideas—to the point where I am taking better care of myself.

Lately,  I do not have to run and get the computer and “the recipe” to make a little sugar scrub for the shower—I will squeeze a bit of lemon and mix in some olive oil and make a little paste with my organic sugar. It works so well and smells heavenly.

I use a deodorant that is a spray of mineral salts. My Happy Mama Spray is still not giving me a headache….and I am oh, so in love with my Terralina skincare stuff…so much so that I finally went ahead and tossed my Clinique!

My newest luxury is to have a cup of green tea while I let my Farmaesthetics Rosehips and Clay Mint mask set. Who knew going organic could be such a pleasure?

EcoMomLogo1I found this mask on the Ecomom site, while I was looking for something that would be gentle and relaxing as a special treat for me…I looked on Ecomom, as I like their motto that:

“Healthy living doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Small steps matter, and make a big difference.” Ecomom says they “ Make it Easy.” And they did!

I was so glad I got the mask…the simple blend of organic ingredients did clear and smooth my skin. Technically, this may be called “decongesting the skin” but whatever…it felt great! I also loved the charming bottle. Here is a bit about the mask:

100% natural Vitamin C infusion and extraction mask to purify and decongest the skin.

A potent blend of organically grown peppermint leaves and rosehips, working together with kaolin clay, to wick away oil and bring down inflammation. Especially good for minimizing pore size and spot-treating breakouts.

Peppermint also cools the skin, settling irritation; while organic rosehips, nature’s most potent source of vitamin C, infuses the skin with restorative benefits in it’s most accessible whole herb form.

Nature’s perfect mask to decongest, deeply cleanse the skin, cool and calm all skin types.

Anyway, I really recommend changing things up and taking a bit of time for yourself to try some new things. Try a bit of homemade sugar scrub…dump some of those overly scented products!

I want to share some of this organic fun I’m having with you. I was so pleased that Ecomom offered to do a giveaway towards a product on her site.

There are tons of wonderful products for eco-concious moms showcased on Ecomom, from beauty to toys to clothing and gifts—all eco-friendly, all safe for your family. I love just browsing around the site, the photos make me want to try all kinds of new things and the prices are excellent—many of the items can be found elsewhere—but for more money.

Ecomom has daily and weekly specials and free shipping over $50. They also have a neat thing, called EcoPass—this is an annual membership of $99. The EcoPass gives you free shipping, a 15% discount on every order and advance notice on special deals.

One reader will win a $15 Gift Certificate to Ecomom!

You can also use code SBBL665 to get 15% off your first order. (Good until Nov. 30th)

For the mandatory entry, visit Ecomom and tell me what you would buy.

For additional entries, you can:

I will choose a winner on 11/9. Giveaway is for USA and Canada only. Please remember to leave a way for me to contact you in your comments!

I was provided with the mask from ecomom for the purpose of my review. I received no additional compensation and I have given my honest opnion.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED. Want to feel clean, natural and pampered?


The Terralina Ultimate Collection.

One word to describe Terralina products? The word would be soothing. Heavenly, even.

I am a redhead with ultra sensitive skin. If I am not careful, I can have flare-ups of rosacea, even break outs. I have the type of skin that will often hurt, sting…burn when I use skincare products. I learned a long time ago to stick with one particular product.

As I began to learn more about natural options, I became more and more concerned about what was IN my product. I knew my skin became sore and irritated by scents and heavy lotions, but I did not know too much about what WAS good for my skin.

Enter Terralina.

The founders of Terralina originally created their company while looking for ways for pregnant moms to be good to their skin, believing that:

“What goes onto your skin, goes into your body”

Moms are so smart.

This quest for healthier options led to the Terralina line of skincare products. With ingredients like olive and vitamin E, Terralina is naturally formulated to be antioxidant rich, without harmful ingredients (like parabens, PEGs, silicone, mineral oils, ethoxylates, glycols, acrylates, or artificial fragrance). I found it really interesting to look through their Natural Beauty Ingredient Glossary.

I received The Terralina Ultimate Collection for review and I have been using this for a little over a month.

As someone with rosacea, I am not supposed to use exfoliators in general. But every once in a while, I just really want to exfoliate! So, when I first received my Terralina, the exfoliant was the first product I looked at. I tried a teeny bit and absolutely loved the light granules. The scent was also light. I went ahead and used it and felt so much smoother and just cleaner. After several weeks of use, my pores are smaller, my face is clearer and my skin is so soft.

I try to use all the other products just at night, such as the facial cleanser and toner. They are so pleasant, I find myself drawn to them in the morning as well—the textures and scents are both relaxing and refreshing and do not dry out my skin at all.

I especially love the facial moisturizer. The moisturizer contains olive oil and white tea and with my fair and dry skin, my moisturizer is the most important part of my beauty routine. Terralina’s facial moisturizer has a whipped texture that just smooths into my skin with a light fragrance. My skin feels so hydrated and supple. The body lotion has a similar effect on my skin and using the body lotion is such a treat on my shaved legs.

I felt like my skin felt and looked better. And, I feel good that I am using more natural products. But the best thing? One morning my husband asked:

“What are you doing differently? Your skin looks great—it feels great, too.”

Who knew the body lotion could be so sexy!

You can buy Terralina online. Right now they have a buy 1 get 1 free sale and free shipping on orders over $30. You can also use coupon code MAMABUZZ10 for 10% off your total order.

And….Thanks to Terralina, I get to giveaway one Terralina Ultimate Collection!

($138 value, US only).

For the mandatory entry, please tell me what Terralina product you would love to use. Read more about the Terralina Ultimate Collection.

For additional entries:

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  • You CAN Tweet once daily for more entries.

Don’t forget to leave your email in case you are the winner! I will choose a winner September 28, 2010.

I received the Terralina Ultimate Collection from Terralina LLC through MamaBuzz for the purpose of review. I have given my honest opinion.