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Rainbow Brite 3 (2)

Hi to everyone:) Yesterday, we had our big visit with our pediatric neurologist. We have a plan for how to handle Em’s epilepsy with medication for the moment..a MRI will also get done soon.. Please say a prayer that this medication works!

I have a new respect for moms with kids with special needs–what a different, intense lifestyle. Anyway, I still need to process all this for myself, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has sent their prayers and well wishes. I needed that!

We slept in until 9 am this morning!!

I also have a few giveaways I need to draw winners for–I will post those tomorrow. Thanks for hanging on.

Some upcoming giveaways? Well, yes:) I have a Rainbow Brite Doll giveaway I should post tomorrow. I was kind of sad to see Rainbow Brite is not her impish, chubby self, but as evidenced by the photo above, my girl thinks the new Rainbow Brite is just great.

I have a few others as well.  A couple of reviews…

And,some school today–just a two hour delay, which I almost slept through:) So homeschool, public school, cleaning and cooking, dealing with all the new medical stuff with Em…all this may go on today

Typing it up really helps me. But, really…that sounds awful–Nevermind.

This afternoon, I will school a little and get some MARDI GRAS going on around here tonight!!

monopoly_logoIf you are looking for some good, easy recipes and other ideas on ways to celebrate Mardi Gras around your house, go to the Zatarains Mardi Gras website.

I am doing a House Party for Mardi Gras with Zatarains. I received an awesome party pack–inside were masks, Zatarains mixes, beads, doubloons, cajun music ideas…even Zatarains rootbeer extract. You may remember we had a trial run Mardi Gras last Tuesday while we were snowed in:) That was fun and I have learned how to make a pretty killer Jambalaya! Any excuse for a party is nice with a house full of teens–tonight I’ll do Virgin Hurricanes in cool glasses, I hope.

PS: On their site, you can print out masks, get recipes for Carnival Jambalaya, and learn how to make Homemade rootbeer floats. (we did those–very easy.)

For a lot of these foods, they have mixes, so you can grab stuff at the grocery store and surprise your family tonight!

I also got a bunch of .50 coupons off  Zatarains mixes (they don’t say you cannot double, so you could get some deals w/these) so if anyone wants a few, just shoot me a comment.

Thursday was much more fun than Friday!!

Thursday was much more fun than Friday!!

I have not had such a topsy-turvy 2 months in a long time. Last time i posted, I was kvetching about being snowed in.

So, I was thrilled to get out behind the plows to Target. But, Emma had a seizure in Target and I almost lost it.

I wanted to share that It is quite possible I had an angel in Target with me when Emma had her seizure–since these seizures are relatively new, I have not had to deal with her having a seizure in public. I thought I was ready, but it took me by surprise.

Anyway, After I realized she was seizing, (which took me a minute) I carried her to one of the couches in Target and laid her down. I had an employee call 911–as I couldn’t seem to use my phone.

Then, I was trying rubbing her, trying to decide what to do next. My cell phone had low battery and I was shaking so badly, I couldn’t dial my husband.

I had a prescription in my purse for her, but it is a kind I have to do at a certain point and it is like a suppository shot, which I was not inclined to do in front of everyone — and I wasn’t sure how to do it, anyway. (I know, I shouldn’t care). I definitely need to learn to focus under pressure.

Anyway, right at that point where I was freaking out, a woman walked up and said she was a nurse. I told her we were working with a neurologist at UVA and this was kind of expected, but I was uncertain about giving the medicine. She was soooo calm and kind–she said she worked with UVA:).

She checked Emma over and then told me I needed to go to the ER, but not to do the medicine, that the seizure was now over–right when she said that, she was rubbing Emma and Em turned over on her stomach and went to sleep (actually it is called postectal, they are really tired after a seizure)

So,  the ambulance came & we went on with the whole process–at some point the woman disappeared…but thank God she was there–she really helped us both through a rough experience.

And, now you know my dirty secret about why I try to always be over-prepared for stuff–when emergencies happen, I freeze so badly!! Guess I’m getting better at emergencies, bit by bit.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who is praying over us and giving me tips about epilepsy. When we got home from the ER last night, my college son had found a bunch of information about alternative therapies (including Ginseng–) and my mom has researched keppra and depacote. My in-laws called to tell me don’t do depacote! And, my brother and sister in law have been through this with their little girl. (with a good outcome:)

So, we continue learning about this and growing as a family. I do really wish I could just soothe her head, like I rub her back!