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tangled cake

This Spring, all my daughter talked about was Tangled! So, as her birthday approached, we knew it would have a Tangled theme.

As I am not a genius in the kitchen, I was a bit worried, but then I decided,

“How hard can it be to make a Rapunzel’s Tower Cake?”

Yeah, go ahead and laugh!

Luckily for the birthday girl and her mother, one of my children loves to cook and another is a gifted artist. They both came in handy crafting this cake.

Now, if you follow my blog, you’ll know that we eat organic. I have been very strict about this with myself–and frankly it is easy to stick with eating organic if you do much research. Just watching Food Inc on Netflix changed my mind forever about what I am willing to eat!

But I digress. I just wanted to point out that our cake needed to be, from start to finish, organic. So for a non-super skilled baker (me) that also meant no fondant, etc. Because I didn’t know how to make that organically–so I just wanted colorful icing that actually tasted delicious.

First, Nick and I brainstormed how to make the cake. I found several ideas online, but nothing fit exactly what we wanted. Nick had the idea to create the tower out of cake rounds stacked on a skewer or skewers. We used an organic recipe that turns out well for a dense cake with a simple recipe.

Rapunzels hair

Second, we took the batter and made one large cake round instead of splitting into two cake pans. So, I had a pretty dense, high base for the tower.

Third, we also made one 9×11 cake–we planned to get the smaller rounds for the tower pieces from this cake. Nick actually cut out several circular rounds from this rectangle.

We planned to use a waffle cone for the top of the tower. I ended up using a regular size cone, which was all I could get at the store (In the future, I’d go to a shop and try to buy a large waffle cone as the small cone kind of messed up our proportions.)

  • So, we had the 8×11 round on the bottom.
  • To assemble the cake, we stacked several small cake rounds on a skewer stuck into the middle of the main cake.
  • We stuck the cone on top of the circles with frosting.

As we messed with it we saw that because the cone top was little we needed the tower to be smaller than our circles. At this point, A, our resident artist and engineer, told us to move and he’d

“fix that cake” Haha!

frosting the cake

Sure enough, A then cut into some of our circles to make the cake more proportional with the top cone.

base of the cake

Then, the artist in A took over and the two guys took our simple frosting (butter, vanilla and powdered sugar, a bit of milk). They split the large batch of frosting into several small containers and then added some food coloring, giving them a bunch of icing colors to work with!

happy birthday girl

In the end, A looked at a photo of the actual Tower in Tangled and gave the tower a realistic look, with browns, greens and a bit of purple for his sister!

I especially love how A made the vines with green icing and Rapunzel’s hair drapes across the cake. The end result was definitely a work of love and pleased Em tremendously!

If you have a little princess looking to have a Tangled birthday Party, good luck making yours!

The End of an Era

Heather —  April 22, 2010

Birthday Morning:)

This morning I am sitting in the middle of the remnants of Birthday fun…messes of paper and plastic, photos to be uploaded and posted, cake left out under a big bowl by tired mom last night…you probably get the picture:)

Dad having fun at Toy's R'Us. Because she had a gift card:) Took all the pressure off. And yes, he made me scream with a giant spider. Only two manager types came running. Boys.

Dad having fun at Toy's R'Us. Because she had a gift card:) Took all the pressure off. And yes, he made me scream with a giant spider. Only two manager types came running. Boys.

It is a weird time–because our baby is now five. Five years that went by so fast. I miss being the mom of babies. Now I am the mom of a 22 year-old, two 15 year-olds, a fourteen year-old…and a five year old. Our household looks and sounds a lot different than when I had babies.

Horses and ballet...can you make it any more girly?

Horses and ballet...can you make it any more girly?

Why yes, you can make it more girly. Just put your Ballerina doll on your horse while you wear your Ballerina outfit...

Why yes, you can make it more girly. Just put your Ballerina doll on your horse while you wear your Ballerina outfit...

You might think, “how delightful…I have babies, and you do not…so you get to sleep”!

Nope. weekends are especially bad when I get to wake up every hour on the hour (isn’t our subconscious weird?) to make sure everyone is home.

My father said it a long time ago. When I was lamenting having a pile of little children who I felt needed more control. He said “well, get that control–and now, because–it does not get any easier.” I thought, what a downer. That’s ridiculous. Of course it will get easier.

And, well… here I am left with the stereotype that my Father is a genius. Yep, Dad, so far, you’re always right. Mom, no laughing.

Waiting for birthday cake...

Waiting for birthday cake...

Anyway, I’m not trying to be morbid with my daughter’s birthday post. But I am thoughtful. We are entering a new time. There will not be anymore babies, and I am not one who envisions adopting–most of own children are still in the throes of feeling neglected and needy. If only I left a pie out on the counter every night…then they would feel loved, right? Or, how about new Nike cross trainer, specially airlifted $300 sneakers…or shorter, tighter new dresses?….

No. Doing all these things would make my life sooooo much easier. But, I know, it won’t really make them feel loved. Telling them no, waking up to make sure they are home, feeding them organic healthy pies once a week–or better yet a piece of fruit…later, that will make them feel loved…or, at least, they’ll realize what a genius I am. But certainly not until they’re 25 or so…

Brother-made Horse Cake!!

Brother-made Horse Cake!!

And really, with my babies…I got that Mom, you’re a genius look for so long. I will miss that until it comes back around.

Aloha Friday & My Birthday!

Heather —  June 19, 2009

Good Morning!
Today is my Birthday…so my Aloha Friday question is:

What is your dream day for a birthday?

Now, I’m going to relax and eat the eggs the kids made me:) (maybe)

If you want to play Aloha Friday, just go here!

PS: I am having a conflict with my template & posting, but hopefully it will work today…