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I And The Great Divide

Heather —  September 4, 2013



Launches September 12th, 2013

I just wanted to share about this upcoming release; the book looks adorable and will certainly be useful to children dealing with divorce. The concept is genius and the artwork is quite well done. Take a look for yourself!

“I and the Great Divide” is an illustrated children’s book, designed to leave kids in divorce feeling loved, peaceful, and self-expressed. Both print and kindle copies will be available for purchase at Amazon on September 12th, 2013.

The book has received great feedback from across North America.

“We all are capable of making a difference in the life of a child… ‘I and the Great Divide’ … takes this truth into thechallenges a child may face with the separation of parents. [A situation] that needs to be handled with this level of care, sensitivity and understanding. Well done.”

Fred Penner, Family Entertainer

Author, Fiona McGlynn wrote the book with her own parent’s divorce in mind. “As a child, I blamed myself for what was going on between my parents. I wrote “i and the Great Divide” to help kids feel loved and to create an open family discussion on divorce.”

The book will be available for $12.99 at Amazon and for $7.99 on Kindle.

Check out the book trailer, book sample, and author bios at the “I and The Great Divide” website

For the latest updates, see Facebook pageGoogle+ page, or follow the author on twitter.”

Imagination Station Books

Heather —  July 30, 2013

Hunt for devils dragon

Whether you need a few end of Summer adventures for your child to read or you are already planning for the school year, I think the Adventures In Odyssey (AIO) Imagination Station Chapter Books are great to have around.

My daughter has read quite a few and I think the storylines are well thought out and exciting for kids. All the ones we have read send kids throughout time on some sort of adventure.

We just read the Hunt for the Devil’s Dragon, #11. It has about 144 pages and is a 5.5 x 8 paperback book that retails at $4.99 (sometimes you can find them cheaper, too–the sets on Amazon give a discount).

In the Hunt For The Devil’s Dragon, cousins travel back to Libya in the 13th century to battle dragons, make friends, figure out a secret and fight evil. My daughter just loved the book and read it all in one sitting.

The whole series is written from a Christian world view, so you will find Christian theology throughout the story. I do not find them preachy, by the way. While the stories are fictional, they do have historical context, so I like to find a time period that goes along with the history we are studying in homeschool and add these books in as a fun thing for my 3rd grader.

Here’s my link if you want to check some out:

*Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book and I have included my affiliate link.

Little Angels Prayers for Everyday by Roma Downey

Little Angels Prayers for Everyday by Roma Downey

Remember your own bedside prayers? This book, Little Angels Prayers for Every Day, by Roma Downey with Illustrator Lisa Reed, brings back memories of some of my favorites.

This is so sweet for children ages about 2-6, in my opinion. Through this series, which teaches about God’s love, children can derive comfort and have their own special book!

Little Angels Prayers for Every Day offers children their own handbook of prayers. With likeable characters, such as the twins Alex and Zoe and their guardian angels and plenty of rhymes this book will be a nice gift for little hands. I like that the book is a padded board book, with 32 pages and a smaller size for young children. (6.25 x 7.25)

There are over 50 simple prayers for children to identify with and enjoy. The rhyming prayers start with morning prayers and continue throughout the day.

The book includes prayers for specific times, such as prayers to ask the Lord for help or guidance. Relevant Bible verses are included on many pages. I really think this is a good book for little ones to pore over.

We will be sending ours to a special little cousin!

See more on the website, on their Facebook page, on the author’s twitter or even on youtube.

Want to win a copy? Just leave me a comment letting me know who you want to win this book for!

I will draw a winner on March 15, 2013.

“Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

child using e-reader on iPad

It is Summer! An extra good time to relax and learn while having a good time…

As a home educator and a mom, I really count on technology to provide my kids with all kinds of resources and activities.

The tech resource getting the most use lately in our homeschool and home is my our iPad.

From using safari for quick research, to watching documentaries, to reviewing apps with whiteboards and algebra, my teens get a lot out of the iPad. My youngest really likes the iPad most for watching shows and playing games. I am okay with that, but I try to find at least educational games and things for her on there.

A new e-reading platform launched by Ruckus Media Group called the Ruckus Reader turned our iPad into a fun e-Reader for my baby!

The Ruckus Reader IS the main technology. Within that, there are loads of digital storybooks you can download for your children. Right now, I think there are about 30 titles that work with this format. The titles range from the storybooks to interactive readers (iReaders and eReaders) that have both the story and then games and maybe video as well, and also some of my favorites — the video books, great stories narrated by celebrities.

The titles are basically for kids 3 to 8. You will see old favorites like My Little Pony, Curious George, Crayola. Many publishers are working with Ruckus Reader, so there are many ebooks so far, and more are being added all the time. I just got a notice to go update and get a new ebook that was just added, in fact.

I like that there is a real variety of fiction and non-fiction, and the videos and such. My daughter is already a good reader, so I am not using the app to teach reading so much, but for the younger children, many of the titles are designed to build upon each other and help children learn to read, while the included games actually measure the child’s progress.

You can download Ruckus Reader titles individually, but it is great to download the whole library! The price is very reasonable at $24.99 for six months, as you get access to over 25 titles. OR, you can get the first title in a series for free, then pay $3.99 each or 2 for $5.99. My daughter and I loved getting the entire library, it felt like Christmas downloading like crazy!

Our favorite titles in this Ruckus Reader?

I love, love the SeaWorld Bookshelf. This includes Sharks, Penguins and Whales.

My daughters favorites include My Little Pony and Transformers.

We are both looking forward to one that is coming: Cyberchase!

There is a nice twist on this App, as it keeps track of my child’s progress and emails me updates, called the Reader Meter, weekly.

So what are the Cons?

  1. I worry that I will lose all the ebooks we have if I do not get this again in six months.
  2. I wish all the ebooks would stay under one main icon on my iPad (I hate having lots of icons all over the screen)
  3. Although the technology for the reading is designed around state standards, it is still a new technology. So far, my meter reader is a little off and doesn’t “know” that my child is a good reader. I have seen this with several of our technologies that keep track of childrens progress. It is still a developing technology.

What are the Pros?

  1. I have tons of really well designed eReaders, iReaders and Videos right on my iPad desktop.
  2. With the six month subscription, I have almost 30 ebooks already, o that is less than .99 cents an eReader, iReader or video. And, I will continue to get more.
  3. All are educational in nature and suitable for her age. She does not get frustrated and need help, but sits and plays.
  4. The titles include tons of characters she knows like Curious George and My Little Pony, plus old classic stories that she enjoys.
  5. Most of these titles have options so they can read the book to the child and they lead the child in the games
  6. The reader meter does keep track of what my child spends time on and I can eve email that info to her dad and grandparents (you can set it to email to up to four email accounts)
  7. The App notifies me when new titles are available.
  8. I love the little library shelves in the App. Adorable setup

All in all, I really recommend the Ruckus Reader App. Go take a look! You can connect with Ruckus Reader:



*I received a trial membership for Ruckus Reader in order to do this review. I have given my honest opinion.

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emma holding Gabby's Stick to it Day Book

As you can see in the video, my daughter really enjoys Sophie and her guardian angel, Gabby. We have the two books that are currently available and I think this is a great series for little girls, ages 3-7, to collect and share with others. Sophie resonates with little girls and I know my little girl loves the idea of having a guardian angel.

The characters and events really help little ones see how our faith is lived out in the world. A memory verse is good, but teaching it through story makes the concept and meaning so much clearer.

I find the illustrations absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful colors, a bit of glitter and girly swirls. The facial expressions are so well drawn. This book is a pleasure to look at and I am glad it is hardcover.

Gabby’s Stick-to-It-Day

Gabby is a little guardian angel with a big job to do! Watching over Sophie is hard work, but Gabby knows that God wants her to stick to it.

Author Sheila Walsh is a Bible teacher, speaker, singer, and best-selling author. Visit

Read more reviews or Buy the book. See our review of the first book in this series.

And there is more!

Meet Gabby for yourself here. || Read what people are saying here.

Enter today – Sheila and her publisher, Thomas Nelson, have put together a prize package worth over $200!

One lucky winner will receive:

  • A brand new KINDLE Fire with Wi-Fi
  • Gabby, God’s Little Angel
  • Gabby’s Stick-to-It-Day

But wait! There’s more …

The winner will be announced on the Gabby Landing page on 4/2/12. In the meantime, enter to win the Kindle Fire then head over to the TommyNelson site and download the Gabby coloring sheets, watch Sheila’s Gabby video, sign up for news about upcoming Gabby and Thomas Nelson products, and much more.

Enter via E-mail Enter via FacebookEnter via Twitter

*I received a copy of Gabby’s Stick to it Day for my review from LitFuse. I have received no other compensation and have given my opinion.

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Children and Love Languages

Heather —  March 27, 2012

Have you heard of love languages?

This basic idea is that people give and receive love and affection in various ways.  Sometimes, if the love language being used by one person is not understood or appreciated by the other, there is a lack of communication. The original Five Love Languages book helped couples learn to love each other even better.

Two new resources, The 5 Love Languages for Children and A Perfect Pet for Peyton, have just been released. One helps parents understand the love languages of their children and the second allows children to explore these concepts about love languages.

I got a copy of both of these books to review. I am reading through the adult one and meanwhile, my daughter and I have been having fun with the children’s book.

I actually find it easier to understand and remember the love languages using a kid’s book! The book’s concept is unique for kids and features a birthday adventure, almost a quest where kids learn about the five love languages.

Young readers can even take a quiz at the end to help determine their own love language. I like the colorful, fun illustrations and I appreciate that the book is a nice length at 64 pages and has a sturdy hardcover. This is a book children will want to read and reread again and again.

Buy or find out more, A Perfect Pet for Peyton:

Win a Copy!
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Meet Einstein, Science for Kids

Heather —  February 24, 2011

Want to get your preschoolers excited about Science? About how to be scientist? Take a look at this new children’s book, Meet Einstein.

Wonderful, colorful and whimsical illustrations help introduce science concepts to little ones in this story. As you can see from the video, my daughter enjoyed the book wholeheartedly. It did take a few discussions for her to understand some differences between Einstein and Edison…but what great discussions to have with a five year old!

While the text is easy to understand for young readers, the writing is designed to get children thinking about what Science is…about who scientists are and how they can be involved. I think the author does a good job of catching our attention and making the reader want to go out and enjoy Science.

A neat addition to the book is a section in the back that gives parents an update about Einstein and talks about the concepts of light and gravity–and a page of questions that you can discuss with your child.

Just a great book for kids!

Take a look at the Meet Einstein website for more information and to purchase the book.

You can visit their facebook page also.

This is a MamaBuzz review. The product was provided by JKS Communications for this review. I have given my honest opinion about the book.
Meet Einstein Beach

Breakfast, Books & Book Shopping...My favorites!

Breakfast, Books & Book Shopping...My favorites!

Cheerios® , First Book and John Scieszka, are teaming up with a 100,000 Book Giveaway. Vote in support of their efforts and comment below to win your Cheerios Book Gift Pack!
Well, it is no secret that we love books around here. I suppose my kids have at least a hundred lying around throughout the house. I do try to share them and recycle them. I never really thought the piles of books might be evidence of how lucky we are monetarily.
Apparently, we are very lucky. Look at these statistics:

  • Over 80 percent of childcare centers serving low-income children lack age-appropriate books
  • The ratio of books per child in middle income neighborhoods is 13 to 1
  • In low-income neighborhoods, the ratio is 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children

Wow. I consider myself a somewhat aware person, but 300 to 1? I would not have guessed that.
Well, the Cheerios family of cereals, First Book and Jon Scieszka, author of the popular “Trucktown” series and other children’s books, have joined together to deliver 100,000 books to community-based programs serving children in need – and they would love your help!

All you have to do is go online with your child and test your combined knowledge of children’s books by answering trivia questions related to “Trucktown” and other great children’s books.

Answer some questions like these

Answer some questions like these

For every trivia question answered correctly, you can cast one vote for the state you would like to receive books. The five states receiving the most votes will get 20,000 books each, for a total of 100,000 books.

Visit to test your knowledge and start voting!

I played the game and realized I need my little nephew to help answer the Truck questions…but it was fun. My state, Virginia is number 20, so I need to go vote more.

Learn More About the Book Giveaway.

Click here to view state rankings.

We also received a 100,000 Book Giveaway Package.
The kids had so much fun getting the pack. They tried to tear into the giant box of Frosted Cheerios (I made them wait until morning) and all read the little gift books which were included. That was funny, as the books are for younger readers…but they were also in both English/ Spanish, so my three teenagers were testing out their Spanish reading the books.

I quietly snuck out the Barnes & Noble gift card, which I will use at Christmas. Actually, that 1 in 300 number bothers me a bunch and I just may buy some books on sale and drop them off at a local shelter.
Enter to win a 100,000 Book Giveaway Gift Pack for your little readers! The gift pack includes an assortment of books from Cheerios, one of the many varieties of Cheerios cereals and a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

Required Entry: Leave a comment telling me  “Why your State should receive 20,000 books ”

(Please include your email address unless it is in your profile or you will not be eligible to win.)

Optional additional entries: Do leave separate comments for each entry!

  • Follow me on Google friend connect
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  • Blog about the giveaway –3 entries!

One lucky winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday night, December 15th. I will email the winner, and they will have 48 hrs to respond, or I will need to choose a new winner.

Thank you to Cheerios, who provided me with the free product, information, and gift pack through MyBlogSpark™