Apology to My Readers

Heather —  August 10, 2012


I want to apologize to those of you who receive my posts in your readers. I just had to change my blog feed to partial rather than full feed because I am having a problem with plagiarism of my posts.

I am sorry…I personally like reading posts in a reader, but now I understand why some of my blog friends use it!

Anyway, thanks for your support and be sure to protect your own posts if you blog. There are several plugins for wordpress that will help stop people from copying and pasting your text and supposedly, sending a partial feed through your reader prevents people from stealing your content that way!

If you know of any other ideas to prevent this, please let me know.



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2 responses to Apology to My Readers

  1. I had weighed the pros and cons of full vs. partial feeds, and had not thought of this reason. That sounds like a very good reason to go to partial feed. And, since I’ll be clicking over more, maybe it will prompt me to comment more, too. 🙂