Amazing Bible World History Timeline review

Heather —  October 28, 2009

Amazing Bible World History Timeline

Summary & Rating 1. Well, I was wondering how I would handle having a negative review. I was hoping to have only products that would be good to pass on. However, this particular product has what I consider… fatal flaws. I would not recommend this product. This map appears to promote a particular worldview and single religion ignoring known histories and facts that conflict with other religions and cultures.

I will say that the timeline is very interesting. I love the circular design and the inclusion of an incredible amount of information. I was very excited when we first received this to review.

However, this review quickly became an exercise in learning to research, research, research before passing something onto my children. I am not a scholar, and although I did graduate with a college degree, it is in English, not theology or history.

In general, as I choose curriculum and resource items for my children that are in different disciplines than my degree, I will put a lot of effort into making a choice. I will go to places like the TOS Crew and other web sources…often to my mother who was a school administrator for years. As I am a Christian, I do evaluate my materials from a Christian worldview. While I do discuss other religions and cultures with my children I do not use resource materials that teach a differing worldview without that view being clearly stated. For example, this timeline.

I was lucky that one of the TOS crewmembers caught the fact that this timeline included Mormon references. Soon after, many of the TOS crewmembers did a bunch of research of their own. Not only does it include Mormon references but it appears that the parent company is trying to “foist” these references on people unawares.

I do recommend you see this review by Kimberly, here. Or one by Sheri, here for more information.

The Amazing Bible Timeline offers a 60 day money back guarantee.  You can purchase one timeline for $29.97 or two timelines for $49.97 plus shipping.

You can see more reviews by my crewmates, here!

Bible Charts and Maps, LLC provided this timeline for my review.


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