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Heather —  October 18, 2011

Ok. This is the first online site I have become REALLY excited about in a long time. I think it must be because the site is founded by parents of five children, Swenja and Johannes Ziegler, co-founders of Yes, with five children comes wisdom!

Em and I got a chance to review Always Ice Cream, an online community and educational site for girls ages k-8. Several weeks later, she is still enjoying the site tremendously.

As you know, I do review lots of virtual games and educational sites. It is funny what clicks sometimes. Some sites I will love and my kids really could care less. Or, the kids love a site and I have concerns about site security or lack of educational content…or we all like something but their servers more so slowly that we give up on them.

So what is working about Always Ice Cream?

Well for Em, the site is very specific. It is geared to elementary and middle school girls. The artwork is adorable and well-drawn, there is plenty of pink and purple, cute animals, lots of friends and content relevant to girls, and the servers are super fast. There is a selection of music to choose from while you play, or you can play with no sound.

For me, I am impressed by the planning to make this a safe online spot for children. For starters, the communication is moderated, there are no advertisements and parents control the choices for community involvement (ie you can turn on/off the social features as you see fit). Also, parents receive emails letting them know what their child is doing on the site and are able to interact with their child by giving them game rewards.

On top of that, the educational content looks good. They are adding content all the time, and content includes games and videos in Language Arts, Math, Math drills, Geography, History, Science,Music and Art, Computer Skills, Foreign Language. Emma actually wants to play the learning games, rather than me asking her to. They are doing something right!

While the girls play they earn “$coops,” an in-game currency. They can use $coops to take care of pets or decorate homes. There are medals and awards…and the social aspect of chatting with other girls about how they liked a game or lesson, and they can also help take care of one another’s pets and compete for certain things.

I want to share my report about what she has been doing on Always Ice Cream Lately:

Your Daughter’s Recent Learning Progress

During the last 90 days, Emma made progress in the following learning games:

  • Math Quiz – Adding from level 4 to 5, earning a Bronze Medal
  • Health Quiz from level 1 to 4, earning a Gold Medal
  • Bible Quiz from level 1 to 4, earning a Gold Medal
  • Word Confusion from level 1 to 6, earning a Silver Medal
  • State Shapes Quiz from level 1 to 6, earning a Bronze Medal
  • Basic Anatomy from level 1 to 25, earning a Silver Medal
  • Internet Quiz from level 1 to 5, earning a Diamond Girl Trophy
  • New Testament Bible Quiz from level 1 to 4, earning a Bronze Medal
  • Cooking School from level 3 to 10, earning a Diamond Girl Trophy
  • Dog Breeds Quiz from level 1 to 3, earning a Bronze Medal
  • States of the USA from level 8 to 22, earning a Silver Medal
  • Classical Music Quiz from level 1 to 11, earning a Bronze Medal

Moderated Communication

In the last 90 days, Emma received a message from, or wrote a message to (edited)

Educational Videos Watched

During the last three months Emma watched the following videos:

  • Basic Addition – (c)
  • How To Make Baby Rattle Cupcakes
  • Baking: Decorate Jungle Birthday Cupcakes
  • How To Make a Princess Castle Birthday Cake
  • How To Make a Train Cake – Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas
  • How to Draw a Cartoon Cat
  • Pool Safely Educational Video

Artwork Created

She created the following artwork:

  • 10 art piece(s)
  • 14 piece(s) of furniture for her house

I love that I can get these stats!

Always Ice Cream is available for $4.99 per month or annually for $29.99. You can also get a lifetime membership for $99.99.

This would make a fun Gift for a special little girl! Do go see the FREE trial!

Go take a look for yourself at and, you can also find them on Facebook.

See what my crewmates have to say about Always Ice Cream!


I received a lifetime membership to Always Ice Cream through the TOS Crew for review purposes. I have given my honest opinion.


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