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Heather —  July 26, 2012
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Games make everything more fun!

This Summer has been full of marvelous DOWN time. Aside from cleaning out our school closet and organizing all the paperwork, I have done no official school. Truly, I need the break.

Still, the learning continues. It is funny to see the kids accidentally learning. I find Nick engrossed in Popular Science magazines and Emma pulling out her All About Spelling Board and Science coloring books.  I guess Summer is our delight directed learning time!

With these things in my mind, I jumped at the chance to review a new reading resource from All About Learning Press. This is a full-color supplemental game book, Adventures In Reading with the ZigZag Zebra.

ziggy_supplement_cover__98503_stdEmma first met Ziggy as we used All About Reading (AAR) and All About Spelling (AAS) when she was younger. I continue to use these programs and she really enjoys them. I get no fussing when it is time to do spelling, and the child adores reading.

Anyway, I think my daughter may enjoy using manipulatives much more than I originally thought, as evidenced by how much she likes using the AAS. She loves the magnets and the cards, and the stickers and reward sheets are an extra nice touch.

When using portions of AAR, I feel the artwork is fantastic. I like the hardback books and the obvious dedication to quality. And, on top of all that, the underlying approach to teaching really works.

Can you tell I really like this curriculum?

Well, like I said, when I saw that the company had released a new fun product to go with AAR, I figured it would be good.

And I was not disappointed!

The creativity of some people just amazes me. I got a bright and colorful book of file folder games. There are nine games altogether. Each of the games reinforces skills taught in Level 1 of All About Reading. The games help kids:

“practice important concepts like blending, counting syllables, and recognizing vowels and consonants, and they will have ample opportunity to review the Phonogram and Word Cards from the All About Reading program.”

My daughter and I had a blast cutting out and “creating” our games. The directions are so simple and detailed, I appreciate that. The games are so colorful and truly fun.

making the AAR ziggy game 3

Working so hard! I love her “concentrating” face:)

The more I teach the more I value the things that actually make learning fun and exciting, not just one more chore.

While each of these games goes with a particular lesson, you can also play them just for review and for pleasure. In fact, my daughter is seven, and I was really worried she would be bored by the games because she already does read and is pretty advanced.

making the AAR ziggygame 2

You could also do these yourself and surprise your littles


placing the game parts together

everything has been carefully thought out. All pieces are included and easy to put together

pieces all fit inside folder

pieces fit inside front pocket

i love the game setup

you cannot lose the directions

But, games are great for kids and these were perfect for her. Because of her age, she was able to really participate in cutting and pasting and creating the games and she thinks Ziggy is “awesome”, so overall this was just a good experience for her.

And, she is learning all through the Summer of her own free will!

big brother plays game with em

older siblings help more when it is a game:)

What a great way to make learning fun for your child and yourself. I am already in line for the next one!

Some of the things I really like about Adventures In Reading with the ZigZag Zebra:

  • The price is great for nine (9) games, with each game having a real purpose.
  • Each game reinforces learning. All About Learning Press shares exactly what the kids are learning with each game. (You can see that here)
  • The quality of the games, the paper, the artwork is excellent
  • The pages are perforated for easy removal
  • The directions are super clear, and all pieces are included
  •  The games clean up and store well: you can store the instructions and game pieces in the front pocket provided in the book.
  • The games even have an overall theme of Ziggy traveling the world: you could tie this in with your geography.
  • The mascot, Ziggy, is adorable. My daughter loves this one.

Overall, I think this is a winner. For $19.99 you can add some fun into your Fall schedule with very little work. (in fact, your older kids can easily do any setup)

I also just have to share an old video of when Emma first got a AAR reader:

If you have not tried All About Spelling and All About Reading, I recommend those curriculums so much. They have just worked so well for us. I have to say, this is a subject I put very little time into with great results. Click the link below to find out more:

*I did receive the file folder games for free for my review. I am also an affiliate for All About Learning Press, so if you make a purchase from my links, I will get a bit of money. By all means, please do use my links if you purchase! But seriously, I do like this company very much and am proud to share about it.

**This book is sold separately from other materials in the All About Reading program.

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11 responses to All About Reading Level 1 Ziggy Supplement

  1. this looks great! I remember making all kinds of file folder games when i worked as an Early Childhood Educator. I should pull some out for the boys

    • Thanks, Jennifer:) You should! I am sooo NOT creative. I really could not do this without the directions!! The kids really enjoy these types of things though. My seven year old even wants the puppet to play too. Go figure:)

  2. That video is just precious. I wish I had one of Munchkin when she first started to read. (Hindsight…) It’s amazing how quickly they grow up.

    Those file folder games look fabulous! I love that she helped with all of the assembly. Are the games/pieces laminated? If not, do you think you’ll need to laminate them for durability or do you think they’ll last without it?

    • Hi Heather! I love the video too:)!! I actually had to search for it and found we had uploaded it to Nicks youtube, because back then I had no youtube–and the cellphone video was lousy…but it is still so special to have:) The file folder games seem very sturdy. I did not bother laminating (although it probably would be a great idea to make it last even longer) The paper seems a bit sturdier than regular and much gets glued/taped down on the folders…I think they will last fine without it, but IF i had a laminator, I would laminate the pieces…

  3. I almost wish I had little ones again. This looks like a great program. The video is just precious, too.

    • 🙂 I am realizing I do not have any little ones anymore too!! I miss that! Maybe Andrew & Alison will have one…{grin} I know they plan to wait though:)

  4. Very cool. While I do not home school I like to have activities and books that help them learn when they don’t realize it.

  5. That looks like a great collection of games. Both of my children really like file folder type/ quick games, so it is too bad that my youngest is past the level of these games.

    • Hi Martha:) I was impressed by the games! I get tired of ebook/downloadable stuff sometimes. It was nice to have everything, in hard copy, for 9 games:)

  6. This looks awesome! I’m pinning this so I can find it next year for the oldest. We are starting K this year but I see some of these games in our future 🙂